Your football club needs you – join HUST

Hereford United Football Club is in a perilous position.

With no more money available to pay the tax man or get us through the rest of the season, there is a real possibility that our historic club could go under.

The reasons for the current state of affairs are numerous and it would be far too easy to start mud slinging and name calling. But that won’t save our club.

We need to look forward. We, as supporters, need to join together with one voice to ensure that whatever happens we are fully involved.

Hereford United Supporters Trust was set up with the aim of increasing fans’ influence. Vibrant, active supporters’ trusts around the country have helped to bring clubs back from the brink, often taking part-ownership.

By joining HUST fans will be sending out a clear message that we are determined to not only save our club but ensure that we don’t end up in this crap position again.

The trust is currently in negotiations with the London Bulls supporters club to join forces and we strongly urge Hereford United Independent Supporters Association to consider doing the same.

There is an open meeting tonight (Monday 24th March), 7pm at the Starlite Rooms to discuss what can be done to save the Bulls. Come to the meeting.


Luther Blissett

One thought on “Your football club needs you – join HUST

  1. I always thought that their was a good number of Hereford United fans that lived outside the city limits
    ‘NOW’ I’m convinced that there’s ‘Very Few’ Hereford United fans that live inside the city limits
    I’ve been trying to drum up support to get as many supporters through the turnstiles for the last few games but all I’ve heard off people of Hereford is “there shit” “I’m not wasting my money on them” “they’re a joke!!” ??.
    This is there LOCAL SIDE? ??
    This is there LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB??
    Is this where LOCAL football going?
    ‘Yes’ Hereford United have been struggling ‘but’ its STILL YOUR LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB?
    These same people who refuse to go and watch there LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB though are very happy to wear/promote a premiership club and go to a local pub to watch them??? (I’ve never understood supporting a club you’ve got no connection with to be honest!!)
    Promoting/supporting local Businesses and Local Pride seems only to count when there doing well!!!
    To be honest I’m disgusted to think that the club has been run to the point of extinction
    But I’m more disgusted in how the people of Hereford feel towards there LOCAL FOOTBALL CLUB! !

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