Working class people can burger off

Councillors have rejected a proposed burger van for fear it might attract working class people into the town.

An application was made to Ledbury Town Council by Onder Karukulah of Dursley, south Gloucestershire, to set up a fast food van in the town centre.

WARNING: Eating this burger will turn you into a criminal

WARNING: Eating this burger will turn you into a criminal

But sensing that this outsider would not be selling hand-reared, organic farm burgers with a rocket salad, all wrapped in a copy of the Daily Telegraph, they recommended the plan be rejected.

Cllr Annette Crowe, a Homend trader (no conflict of interest there), said: “I am totally against this coming into the town, when there are plenty of hard-working people in cafés and restaurants who are struggling to make a living.”

We thought the whole idea of capitalism was about ‘healthy competition’ and the survival of the fittest. If she doesn’t like the values of this country maybe she should move to North Korea.

Cllr Derek Durham, a charter market trader (again, definitely no conflict of interest), added: “This could bring trouble to the town, and no one around the Market House would approve of this. It could bring undesirables in.” Fucking hell, didn’t Onder get the memo that Ledbury is for snobby, middle class people only? Working class people should be kept out of sight.

“With the town’s CCTV coverage now going to be very limited, I can see that, if this goes ahead, the anti-social behaviour will go up, I fear, and I support the traders of this town at the moment,” said former Ledbury mayor, Cllr Phill Bettington.

The message from the town council is this: if you buy food from a burger van you are scum. You are already a criminal or will most likely be a about to commit a crime and ‘your sort’ aren’t wanted around here.

We wonder whether this disgusting anti-working class attitude was one of the factors behind opposition to the proposed larger Tesco store a couple of years back.

The final decision lies with Herefordshire Council.

2 thoughts on “Working class people can burger off

  1. Well they won’t need to worry about Sundays – they’re all at Madley car boot sale.

    By the way I love how no-one objects to this cr*p on the basis that it’s made on the back of obscene human exploitation, animal suffering and environmental degradation.

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