What we’ve learned this week

1. People who wear secondhand clothes take themselves way too seriously. Have a beer.

2. We’re fucked. When people get this wound up about consumerism instead of what’s going on in the real world, you know we’re collectively burying our heads in the sand.

3. And it’s not as is there’s nothing going on even locally to feel angry about. Just a look at the recent form of Herefordshire Council reveals enough to get yer vintage knickers in a twist: the forced closure of Rockfield DIY; the possible forced closure of the racecourse (whatever your views on the ‘sport’); repeated failure to get the ESG project firmly off the ground; the building of more trip hazards, this time in Broad Street; a spend of £75,000 on Herefordshire Matters magazine instead of on vital services; a spend of £90,000 on finding a new chief executive instead of on vital services. Pretty infuriating stuff.

It’s time to take to the streets, as we might say. But as Kevin Smith comments on our article ‘Why October 20 must be hijacked‘:

“[It’s] time for everyone to take off the blinkers, face reality and accept there is no mass movement prepared to fight the class struggle. Backward steps are required, to go back to square one and start building up the grassroot movement. You cannot mobilise mass support when you have no mass.”

Two years ago it was all starting to kick off, with student demonstrations, strikes, occupations, marches and what not. But recently apathy has set in.

Perhaps we just want to forget it all and have a good time. Perhaps we’re just too busy icing our cupcakes.

4 thoughts on “What we’ve learned this week

  1. Protests don’t work and apathy is a disease of the British.
    Stop paying council tax – it’s an unlawful tax. They commit perjury, fraud, maladministration to name but a few, to get it off you.
    They issue their own fake summons and void liability orders. The magistrates courts have no record!! Wake up
    Many are witholding CT but not enough yet.
    Are you happy that they pay their CEO £250K a year – for what? We don’t even get a black bin bag anymore.
    The fact that they have a CEO should ring alarm bells for you – they are private corporations not authorities.
    They commit further fraud by setting up other companies – like Hoople.
    Write to Hoople, ask them questions and you get a FOI response from the council.
    Whose pockets do you think are being lined.
    People comply with CT because they think it pays for local services – what a joke.
    Is the illusion unfolding yet?
    We and Herefordshire are well and truly fucked if the masses continue to comply

  2. I think you fucked up cos the working classes enjoy fashion. They love dressing up.

    Do you think shit like that post is gonna attract people to a movement?
    Picking on people cos of the clothes that they wear?

    Well done.

  3. Very sad that you diont really know anything about what Vintage is, you think its just about cup cakes and the 40’s . I am not into Vintage personally but if people like this then why not. The forth coming vintage fare can only bring value to Hereford as its a mixture of many things. What is so wrong with something different, again I dont believe vintage people take themselves seriously I think people try to do something better than sitting in the pub just boozing and finding fault in what other people do . You take yourselves seriously as otherwise why follow up with above.

  4. Right on, Keith sweetie! My current mystification with you Brits is your utterly insane preoccupation with the Olympics. In my local newsagents this morning, five of the eight nationals had devoted their entire front covers to full-colour pictures of somebody or other winning something or other yesterday. Haven’t the numpteys who run national newspapers heard that a) Syrian people are being slaughtered in their thousands? b) an innocent Chinese lawyer was jailed yesterday on a trumped-up charge that she poisoned an English businessman? c) Mitt Romney thinks it would be ok for Israel to nuke Iran?

    No, on reflection, they probably haven’t: they were all in VIP boxes at the poxy Olympics.

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