What’s that eggy smell? Urgh, it’s the BNP

Hereford BNP members were shown the contempt they deserve as they arrived at the election count on 6th May.

Fascist candidate John Oliver, and local leader Chris Gower, were among the BNP members to be pelted with eggs, glitter bombs and an endless barrage of abuse as they tried to make their way into the count.

Our supporters on the inside reported how John ‘Billy-no-mates’ Oliver never spoke a word all night and his ‘party’ were completely ignored by everyone.

As the results were announced, he stood on the platform like a “silly little schoolboy” clutching his egg-stained jacket and then promptly left without making a speech.

John Oliver held no public meetings and spoke at none of the election hustings, despite invitations. He failed to secure the necessary 5% of votes to save his election deposit. What a joke.

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