WEEKLY ROUND-UP: Moaning NIMBYs, royal parasites and dirty old men

This week’s round-up of news from the fine county of Herefordshire and the world beyond.

Bartestree campaignersSometimes a housing development just isn’t right: it’s too big, not aimed at the right people and it’s in the wrong place. Sometimes people will just find an excuse to have a moan.

Which one of these two statements most applies the latest plan to build in Bartestree we’ll leave for someone else to decide.

With more homes needed in Herefordshire, you might think that a plan to build within a village, to bring new people in to help sustain local amenities and to provide affordable housing for locals might be welcomed. Not so it seems: the school is full, the sewage system is full, the water supply is at its limit, and the traffic is bad enough as it is! Of course, these problems are totally unfixable!

But one thing is certain: Out of the 62 homes proposed, only 22 would be affordable. Bartestree already has too many houses that are only within the grasp of the escape-to-the-country middle classes. One hundred per cent of these new homes should be affordable to give working class people access to them all.


Just weeks after plans were turned down to build a Sainsbury’s in Leominster, the Association of Ross Traders has vowed to take on Tesco’s bid to build a store in the town.

With recent plans pending or refused in Ledbury, Bromyard, Leominster and now Ross-on-Wye, it seems the big supermarkets are falling over each other to dominate the local food market … with not a lot of luck.


Young people under 18 are being denied the opportunity to perform and enjoy live music in Herefordshire. As a rule, local licencing laws say you must legally be an adult to enter a club.

At the age of 16 you can join the army, kill and be killed for ‘your’ country. But if you want to go out and see a band you’d better think again!


We can’t say it’s definitely written in the Liberal Democrats’ constitution that you’ve got to be a dirty old man but you could be forgiven for thinking it actually was.

This January there was allegations of sexual misconduct against Lord Rennard, Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock (now suspended), and now Powys politician William Powell.

Powell – assembly member for Mid and West Wales and councillor for Talgarth, Powys – is alleged to have plied an 18-year-old party activist with alcohol and touched her inappropriately.

Rumours have also long circulated Hereford over similar alleged sexual misconduct by ex-MP, Paul Keetch.

Sexism and sexual abuse has no place in society. The fact that it appears widespread within a political party that likes to think itself ‘fair’ and ‘progressive’ is all the more sickening (see also: Socialist Workers Party).

Dirty old men like this deserve a kick in the balls.


Herefordshire was once again subjected to one of its regular raids of terror by marauding parasites on Friday.

This time it was the turn of Charles Windsor to run riot, thrashing his cutlass in the faces of innocent Shobdonians who, thankfully, managed to wear fake smiles just long enough to convince him they weren’t all secretly hoping to give him a go on the new village guillotine.

The Brecon & Radnor Express reported ‘Prince Charles on Welsh border patrol‘ as he also rampaged into Powys during the same day. Where the fuck is Owain Glyndwr when you need him!


Tantalise your tastebuds and help your health this Saturday at All Saint’s Church, Hereford where Worcestershire Vegans and Vegetarians will be giving advice on how do adopt an animal-free diet. Tasty.

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