WEEKLY ROUND-UP: Hereford United saved, eyesore to be developed, and other positive news

This week’s round-up of news from the fine county of Herefordshire and the world beyond.

Fans celebrateIn the dying minutes of a game that could’ve seen Hereford United permanently relegated, with the keeper up in the other half for one last corner (that’s enough of the puns) … the Bulls are safe – for now.

Hereford United faced a winding-up order with a deadline of Monday to pay an outstanding £36,500 to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.

The club believed all financial avenues had been exhausted and, along with the fans, were expecting today’s home game to be their last in a long while.

But yesterday it was announced that the full amount had been found, underwritten by the board, and Hereford United were out of danger.

There are still big problems at Edgar Street and the club are far from being healthy but this is good enough news for now.

Come on you whites!


New plans have been submitted to develop a riverside eyesore into a five-storey block of flats.

Riverside Construction Ltd, which was previously given the green light to build 14 flats on the former Campions restaurant site in Hereford, now wants to increase the number of properties to 18.

This land has been an embarrassing eyesore for the city’s people and has stood derelict for too long so it’s encouraging to hear that progress is being made, albeit at a slow pace.

We hope that local residents will be supportive and that they – along with Herefordshire Council – will approve the plans.


The council are also being asked to approve the erection of a new wind turbine in Risbury.

A farmer wants to put up the 46m turbine on farmland in the village, south-east of Leominster.

We expect many people will say it’s too tall, too loud, a good idea in the wrong place, it will spoil the scenery and all the other not-in-my-backyard excuses. But as the world’s population grows, and the effects of burning fossil fuels becomes even more apparent (as if they needed to be), we will increasingly have to turn not only to greener energy sources but also to independent, self-sufficient initiatives like this.

We hope Risbury’s residents will see the benefits.


A funeral directors’ campaign to collect food for Herefordshire’s foodbanks has been a success.

Dawe Brothers asked members of the public to donate their free items in buy-one-get-one-free deals to their offices in Hereford and Ross-on-Wye and have now collected several large boxes of goods.

Foodbanks are a lifeline for many people in the county (and beyond) who are facing financial hardship and it is great that local people are giving and helping each other out.

Find out how you can donate to Hereford’s foodbank: Email herefordfoodbank@rocketmail.com or call Alison Russell on 01432 353347.


And finally, in what must’ve been a slow morning at the Hereford Times, or perhaps an attempt by the editor, Fiona Phillips, to become a yokel version of Buzzfeed, the paper published on its website a frivolous ’20 things that make you a Herefordian’.

In the same cringe-worthy way your dad dances at a wedding, it felt like an attempt to ‘get down wit da yoot’ that made you feel dirty all over.

We will concede, however, that drinking Somerset cider (point nine) also makes us feel dirty all over. If it ain’t from Herefordshire, we ain’t having it like.

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