Water water everywhere

Wye flooding playing fields“The current model for allocating flood defence funding is biased towards protecting property, which means that funding is largely allocated to urban areas.”

This comment by a parliamentary select committee echoes Defra, who claim that over the next 10 years 35,000 hectares of A-grade agricultural land will be regularly flooded.

Clearly there is a need to protect people’s homes from flooding but flood defences are a short-term solution. What is needed is action to tackle climate change, a long-term problem that the ‘greenest government ever’ has completely failed to address. Even simple schemes previously available to help us like home insulation have been removed by the Eton boys. Instead we have a green deal—a complicated, bureaucratic loan system run by large corporations that no one in their right minds would bother with.

The government’s attitude to climate change was recently voiced by backbench MP, Neil Parish, who said “we have got to force the sea back and keep it out, not retreat from it like we have been for years”! Even the National Farmers’ Union understand the problem.

“We are seeing more of these intense extreme weather events,” said Peter Kendall, chair of the NFU.
“Climate change does now really challenge mankind’s ability to feed itself.”

To deal with the real threat of flooding and other extreme weather events, climate change must be pushed to the top of the political agenda. But while hot topics like immigration and the economy hog the headlines it’s doubtful that will happen any time soon.

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