Hello? It’s Our County? Wakey wakey

When they’re not talking about the Edgar Street Grid or failing to start a campaign to save the racecourse it seems It’s Our County don’t say much at all.

IOC leader Mark Hubbard spots some limelight

Thankfully for himself IOC leader Mark Hubbard is still able to secure his photo in the paper every now and then (usually only relating to—you guessed it—the ESG project), but where’s the rest of them?

Do they have anything to say on housing, crime, schools, council tax, local wages, immigration, poverty, deprivation … or even pot holes maybe?

And where, we would very much like to know, would an IOC-controlled council make cuts?

Is this perhaps a case of keeping quiet on potential issues where the electorate would mark them down? Because, with the ESG issue off the cards come the next election, they’ll have no appeal to voters and they’ll need every little brownie point they can get.

Or is it because most of them are all too frightfully middle class to know what’s going on in the real world?

So what would you cut, It’s Our County?

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