Vote Tory, Vote for Revolution!

Cuts to the NHS, attacks on the disabled, scapegoating of the unemployed, tax cuts for the rich, criminalisation of squatting, increase in student tuition fees etc. etc. none of this sounds very revolutionary does it? Well think again.

While the Tory millionaires are pushing through these policies, the people are getting organised. We’ve seen students take over Tory HQ, riots in cities across the country, direct action by Disabled People Against Cuts, UK Uncut and the Occupy movement and the list goes on.

Peoples anger is always kept in check when Labour are in power. The attitude of “it could be worse, it could be the Torys” stops any effective opposition. In fact, only the far right thrives under Labour. The National Front in the 70’s and the BNP in the 90’s.

It would appear that as long as the Torys stay in power peoples anger will grow. So lets keep Jesse and his greedy mates in power. As anarchists we’re not interested in the ballot box, we believe that real change comes through direct action, but if YOU are going to vote at the next election, Vote Tory, Vote for civil unrest, Vote for Revolution!! Things could get really interesting if these tossers get another four years

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