Villagers to run their own school

Long before posh toff David Cameron was going on about his ‘big society’, anarchists were making the argument that you don’t need the government and state to run society, ordinary people can do it for themselves.

And so it is that, after a long battle with Herefordshire Council, Dilwyn residents have decided to run their village school themselves.

Last year council bosses decided that Dilwyn Primary School was ‘unsustainable’ and would have to close despite various rescue plans including linking with St Mary’s High School in Lugwardine. The local community are now working on plans for a free school run by volunteers.

As we’ve said previously, schools are an important hub of village life and even more so for a small village like Dilwyn. At a time when rural communities are being decimated by the dwindling agricultural industry and multinational companies sucking trade in to the towns and cities, it is vital that we do whatever it takes to preserve these communities.

Herefordshire Council, whilst paying its top boss more than the prime minister, look only at the balance sheet and see a school as unprofitable, taking in no account of its social value.

We support the efforts of Dilwyn’s people in keeping their school open, but it is also vital that we continue to resist every closure.

Herefordshire Council are currently reviewing the future of other schools and will no doubt be attempting to shut down whatever they can. A strong and united anti-closure movement is a must.

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