United From Putson To Poznan

This backlash is fuelled by people looking for a scapegoat for the social and economic problems we are faced with.

It is clear that we have big social problems in Herefordshire, but the blame doesn’t lie with foreign workers and immigrants for the social and economic problems we are facing. The fault lies with the rich and powerful, the people who created this mess! Wealthy bankers and politicians are screwing us all over–they are the ones to blame. Bosses, bankers and politicians rip us all off no matter where we’re from. It is because of this that we have to fight together!

Ordinary people have been fighting back to protect their jobs, protect their children’s education, and to protect themselves from the current situation.

* Workers in a Dundee packaging factory occupied their workplace for 51 days after being told their contracts were being terminated without redundancy pay.

* Workers from car components firm Visteon have been involved in large-scale actions across the country, with occupations, solidarity pickets and demos happening in plants at Belfast, Basildon and Enfield. The workers have been taking action in response to the company’s plans to 200 staff. Actions are continuing with workers vowing to carry on until their demands of a decent redundancy package are met!

* Parents occupied two schools in Glasgow after they were earmarked for closure by the council, along with 25 others. Marches and vigils have been held in solidarity with the school occupations and the parents have received overwhelming support.

* Occupations have also taken place at Lewisham Bridge Primary School in south London in protest at plans to close the school. Visteon workers have also linked up with parents to help occupy the building.


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