TV review (part 2): Mary’s Bottom Line

Mary sets about trying to single-handedly bring manufacturing back to Britain by opening a textile factory of her own (employing just eight people! Watch those unemployment figures drop).

"No, no, wait for it, I said 'why not just sack your staff and move the factory to Thailand!'"

Any sensible person would think the show would be about her tracking down Thatcher, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron to bury hatchets in all their heads in retaliation for helping ruin the economy. But no, she ignores all the actual history of it all just and turns a blind eye (perhaps because she’s in bed with the Tories).

So Mary, why don’t we make things here anymore? Well, because British workers who want to do a little better for themselves and their families ask for better wages and better conditions (rightly so)–wages that the boss can well afford. But the boss wants to get rich so ships production to a country where working conditions are the poorest of the poor and where workers are ‘so grateful’ for being paid peanuts they won’t complain, and thereby putting millions of British workers out of jobs and destroying communities the length and breadth of the country.

As if to demonstrate all this, Mary brings her new factory staff together to announce that they’re the ‘lucky ones’ who’ve got her jobs. She concludes by threatening them: ‘any pissing about and you’ll be out the door’. We’ll translate that for you: ‘any demands for more than the minimum wage or a mid-morning break and you’ll be made redundant. There’s thousands of eight-year-olds in India who’d love this job now shut the fuck up and do your work!’

And right there is why we don’t make things in Britain anymore: because of arsehole bosses who’ll shift production as soon as the workers dare to ask for more than just the crumbs of the cake!

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