TV review (part 1): Mary’s Bottom Line

Posted on March 15th, 2012 by Keith in Culture

Mary Portas arrives at some godforsaken hellhole, looks at an old textile factory and says: “this used to be the hub of the community and all sorts of wonderful and exciting things happened here. It was so vibrant and full of life.” Or something along those lines. No, Mary, that building used to be despised by thousands. It was a place that paid shit wages, treated workers like crap and was filled with poverty, misery, abuse, probably even death. There’s nothing romantic about it.

There’s something about these patronising middle class wankers that draws them to the conclusion that somehow working 40, 50, 60 hour weeks is an absolute pleasure or something. Like working men and women joyously leap out of bed at 5am, smiling from ear to ear at the prospect of spending all day slaving over a machine. Oh, what could be better than spending all day slaving over a machine!

Except the only people that think this bullshit are the ones that have the lovely cushy jobs, the ones that are able to swan in and out of their cozy office at leisure to ‘grap a latté yah’. “Daddy pays for my penthouse and all my food but I’m sooo jealous of all those people that work for a living, it must be sooo much fun.”

No one who does a 40 hour week in a real job feels dignified. We feel dirty, used and exhausted. We feel like we want to escape it all, win the lottery and take it easy! We wish our children won’t have to follow in our footsteps and that they’ll do well and be able to provide for their families without having to degrade themselves like we do. THERE IS NO FUCKING DIGNITY IN LABOUR!

If patronising wankers like Mary Portas are so into romanticising the idea of work then they should try doing some themselves; god knows we’d all love a break!

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  1. chris modd

    I agree with about 90%, but totally disagree with the ” there is no dignity in labour” crap.

    Theres no dignity in sitting at home as a parasite having everything handed to you by the taxpayer. I’m working class, I have to do
    70+ hours a week just to stand still, and with fuel prices I’m falling behind every month now.

    So yes to everything you say about the programme, yes about winning the lottery etc. But I do leave the house at 5am for a 12 hour shift, and I do take pride in what I have I pay for. Anyone who suggests working is beneath them, sod you.

  2. Jamie Pitman's mum

    The only thing you can feel about doing a 70+ hour week is responsible. But dignified? Na.

    I work because I need to pay the bills. If I could pay them some other way then I jack in work in an instant.

  3. James

    Totally agree, I work in a warehouse slaving away for shit wages working 50+ hours a week, there is no dignity in it whatsoever ! Maybe slightly more dignity than being on the dole yes, but that isn’t saying much ! I work hard to pay the bills end of.

    But when I hear “well meaning” people like mary portas say things like ” you’ve just bought someone a little bit of hope” when someone buys her £10 knickers I think you just haven’t got a clue have you?

    I don’t consider working beneath me ! I’d be bored out of my skull if I didn’t work, I have always worked! But shouldn’t the working people of this country demand better working conditions considering the vast amounts of money made off our backs?

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