TUPSLEY BY-ELECTION WATCH: Lib Dems not making promises, don’t know what they think

Premature Lib DemsAll was quiet on the eastern front and a politician could not be found in Tupsley for neither love nor money.

Then Cllr Alex Hempton-Smith went and got busted for possession of drugs, resigned, and now the place is crawling with them.

First to come out from the rotting woodwork is the Liberal Democrats. Much like a premature ejaculation they shot their load too soon and the leaflets they’ve been delivering don’t set out any ideas for Tupsley or even list their candidate for the election. Although one photo suggests that the old sly fox, Hubbard-slandering, David Fleet may be gearing up to re-enter the game.

Wannabe politician Lucy Hurds also does well to get her face all over the leaflet, as well as the accompanying ‘Reporting back to you’ offering (featuring none other than serial womaniser, Paul Keetch. Points off her street cred for appearing with him).

What the Lib Dems lack in soon-to-be-broken promises they make up for in questionnaires (a perennial favourite of their local group): “Do you support?… Toilets kept open!; Library kept with paid staff!; Day centres kept open!” Incidentally it transpires that the Lib Dems wrote the Oxford English Dictionary entry for ‘leading question’.

The basis of their Tupsley campaign appears to be their achievements in the national coalition government. Although negligible, they are greater than what the three Lib Dem councillors in Herefordshire have achieved over the past two years.

Can they get it together to register a candidate before Friday’s deadline? Will they be able to come up with some ideas for Tupsley (istockpolicy.com/vague-agreeable-statement/clean-up-litter/kop-out)? Will it even matter anyway, since they won’t have any power on the council with even a potential four elected members?

Could you and your neighbours do a better job sorting stuff out between you? Definitely.

One thought on “TUPSLEY BY-ELECTION WATCH: Lib Dems not making promises, don’t know what they think

  1. Pompous, pot-bellied Keetch was bad enough and must have lost the Fib/Dems dozens of votes, but his appearance is nothing compared to the utterly scary visage of Ms Hurds, whose ample profile would probably make it impossible for her to be stood alongside anyone in a photo-op unless they were a stick insect.

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