TK Maxx can jog on

ESG developers Stanhope have announced that TK Maxx will be the latest store to relocate to the old cattle market.

And in the meantime they’ll be moving to Holmer Road, with their Maylords neighbours Next.

Big picnic here in 2042 (weather permitting). Bring yer mates.

Cue the predictable hysterics about how the city is dying! About how there’s no shops left in town anymore! And don’t forget to have a moan about ‘the council’!

What’s undeniable is that the high street is in a state of transition; in part because of internet shopping, in part because of recessions and the fact that we’re all a bit too poor to waste money on more junk.

Shops are closing left, right and centre and High Town is changing, but what it’s changing into no one yet knows.

Since time began village, town and city centres have been based around trading, once for useful things, now more often for a load of tat. Regardless of what a shopping experience might’ve been like in Hereford 100 years ago, High Town today is a temple to capitalism. But it’s the possibilities of what a High Town in the next 100 years might be like that are exciting: when all the shops have closed down or relocated maybe our city centre will instead become a temple to culture, with streets filled with theatres, cinemas, street performers, clubs and art galleries.

Maybe it’ll be a temple to gossiping, with pubs, cafes, benches, picnic areas and restaurants.

What about a temple to knowledge with a free university and libraries open to all!

Or maybe even just some housing in some lovely old buildings. Or whatever.

As we’ve said before we find it a strange reaction that the people who moan about Hereford becoming a ‘clone town’ are the ones that then start crying because these same shops decide to leave. Odd.

Perhaps now’s the time to stop sobbing into yer lentil soup and copy of ‘Hereford: Then and Now’ and start sticking a big two fingers up to consumerism.

Yeah, that’s right, fuck off, TK Maxx! One day you’ll be a library, or a cafe, or a club. And then we’ll have a big party there instead. Woop woop!

2 thoughts on “TK Maxx can jog on

  1. Good grief Keith! Your view of moaners, groaners and the howling mob screaming at the gates of the Town Hall demanding change simply for the sake of change, puts you in direct conflict with me.
    I’ll not sit back quietly sucking up your pear shaped droplets of wisdom without objecting and standing up for those who have little on their minds other than to moan and groan simply because we/they have a limited Intelligence Quotient.
    I’ll be damned if I let this pass without raising an objection to the idea that the moaning and groaning and blaming the Council is in some way pointless. It’s people like me, the moaning and groaning demographic who form that vast number of people politically known as the ‘swing voters’ who change their minds and political views, thoughts and allegiance every bloody ten minutes that allows Governments such as this current one to flourish and prosper and heap bloody misery on the vulnerable, the poor and the demented gamblers.e

  2. I aint having this and anyone who thinks I am having it will soon realise that I’m bloody picky about what I will have and what I wont have!
    I’ve just read a thread of news produced by Keith that relates to workmen leaning on their shovels.(Hereford Times) Incorporated into that bloody piece are ‘my words’ responding to a thread of news about the aforementioned subject, namely, workmen who, from time to time, due to utter despair and complete exhaustion take a moment to lean on their hand held bloody excavator and rest their weary limbs and brittle minds and mutter, ‘Good grief I’m exhausted. Another forty ton to go’.
    The point of my objection and this Posting?…. Keith and his colleagues thinking that that my piece was funny and I’d put up with this ridicule. Well I didn’t write that drivel and tripe for anyones personal amusement and I aint having it and, furthermore, as Ive said earlier on, I’m picky about what I will have and what I wont have.
    There are good men and women up and down this Country who shovel earth from one place to another. Some do it because they are employed to do it. The vast majority simply do it because they wake one morning feeling compelled to do it. Whatever their individual motivation, its back breaking work and is not something to laugh and poke fun at.
    There! I said it.

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