Thinly-veiled racism at mosque meeting

Putson residents came together on Friday 19th to protest plans for a Muslim day centre on Holme Lacy Road.

The Magenta building where Muslims hope to open a prayer centre

The site of the proposed Muslim prayer centre

Around 60 people attended a meeting at the Saxon Hall community centre to hear of plans that would see Hereford Islamic Society operating a members-only day centre from a former retail premises near Tesco Express.

Two police officers were in attendance throughout the meeting, much to the frustration of one of the organisers, who was constantly having to self-censor the racist comments that seemed to be forever on the tip of her tongue.

“Can you go now?” she repeatedly asked officers, in hope of being allowed to go off on a bigoted rant.

Audience members were urged by speakers from the top table to keep their objections to a purely practical level and were encouraged to bring up the issues of traffic, parking and noise.

Any objections of the grounds of race or religion, it was implied, would hinder the ‘respectability’ of the campaign.

Some moderate members of the audience did seem to care little for the race or religion on the applicants. Others however commented that allowing ‘them’ to get a foothold in Putson would mean ‘they’ would inevitably spread across the whole city.

As the police left towards the end of the meeting, and a check was made that no Hereford Times reporter was present, audience members were encouraged to ‘speak their mind’; racism was now allowed and encouraged.

There is little doubt that the location of the proposed Muslim day centre is unsuitable for the level of traffic it is likely to attract, and planning officers are expected to recommend its rejection (council officials are privately in talks to see whether Hereford Islamic Society might be able to share space with the notorious Freedom Church in Coningsby Street).

An associate of the Islamic society has privately, in correspondence with the Heckler, expressed disappointment that the day centre applicants have done little to introduce themselves to their would-be neighbours.

But what was evident from Friday’s meeting was that had a Christian church of a similar size taken on the old Magenta building on Holme Lacy Road they would be unlikely to face the same stiff opposition.

All three ward councillors and Hereford MP, Jesse Norman, had been invited to the meeting but declined to attend.

22 thoughts on “Thinly-veiled racism at mosque meeting

  1. Too bloody right, keep Hereford the way it is. Why allow another city to be over run with a minority who have no intentions of integrating and make “no go” areas within our BRITISH CITIES

    • There are not any “no go” areas in any city in the UK, where do you get your ignorant racist rants from?

      Also I bet you eat kebabs or curries….what religion do you think they are?

      • You really think that?
        You must either be a 5th Columnist or naive to Degree level.
        Either way you are of no use to those who must stand before the creeping evil you would have us think benign.

  2. Russell you absolute fossil. In a modern day of fast transport and communication, do you really think “borders” are valid anymore? What pride is there is being British if we are shown to be intolerant of others. In fact, your views arnt far off Hitler’s. Replace British with “Aryan” and that could pretty much be a speech he gave.

    It is disgusting that in this day and age, people can have views like yours. If anything, our cities should be protected from simple minded fools such as yourself.

  3. What a load of rubbish! There were no racial remarks made during any of the meeting and it was the organisers who asked the police to attend to ensure that this was the case! The issues are the negative effects this will have on the local community nothing at all to do with race or religion!

  4. This article is completely defamatory towards the organisers whom put much effort into this meeting. The only bigoted person that was apparently attending this meeting was the producer of this article.
    I for one, was at the meeting. I am also very proud with the way it was conducted. The organisers and the local residence have shown great restraint on the subject of this day center for the fear of being considered racist.
    People like the you, who write this type of article do nothing but try to cause a rift not only between local residents but the whole community. You, as a reporter, should feel ashamed for attempting to discredit anybody that has given up much of their own time to give the local residents knowledge about the proposed day center that would otherwise not been available to them.

    I would also like to add that at not a single point did I see any signs of racism.

    What I have seen is passively targeted racism towards all residents of our local community by allowing this to go as far as it has. As one resident mentioned during the meeting – How is it that if I, or any other resident was to submit a planning application, IF A SINGLE valid appeal is presented the planning application would be instantly dismissed by the local authority. WHY has this not happened to this application – for the same reason that your stupid ill-informed article has proven – everyones fear of being a so-called racist. Pathetic!

  5. I’m very surprised you’ve put a story like this on but you’ve not published the comment Ben Andrews has made to you so he posted on your Facebook page for you and others to see which is. Very true statement I’m amazed that you are trying to insight racial hatred in this subject It’s a very low approach on your behalf Hereford heckler and at least everyone who has commented on Facebook are not hiding behind any other name

    • Interesting. I’m sitting in the coffee shop of Hereford County considering whether or not to apply for a consultant job here in a specialty where there is a national shortage. There are 200 vacancies UK wide and being Muslim, I’d want there to be a mosque here.

      I’m the only applicant for 2 jobs.

      If i don’t apply, good luck getting a replacement. Now let me see what progress this town has made in providing a mosque.

  6. i’m moving to hereford,i am british indian muslim and my wife is anglo/irish/dutch.We have a 14 yr old daughter,what are we supposed to think about the move? will it be safe for my daughter in hereford?

  7. Islam is the religion of peace – BS*** – from the Koran 8:18. I will strike terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Therefore strike off their heads and every fingertip of them. Teach the Koran to your children and then act surprised that they become ‘radicalised’ what BS, it is inevitable. The indigenous British have been silenced by PC idiots and the submissive cult of multiculturalism: Meaning we can no longer say what is plainly the truth, namely that, islam is a dangerous and intolerant ideology. If you need proof look around, ISIS, Islamic governorship of schools in Birmingham, stoning of gays in Saudi etc etc. Point of fact, islam is not a race or simply a religion, it is an ideology, one cannot be racist when stating the truth about it. It is an evil, think, Lee Rigby, Alan Henning and many many more, all beheaded in the name of allah / islam. Ask the children raped by the Pakistani (muslim) grooming gangs in Birmingham and Oxford; the authorities to scared to act for fear of being seen as racist. There is no point in being relativistic about it. Forget the pointless debates, look at the facts, read the Koran, it encourages and supports jihad.; over 100 verses encourage violence against unbelievers. We can expect a backlash from the f****** jihadis returning from the middle east. Ask yourself a some simple questions, should we be able to speak the truth, be allowed to protect our democratic way of life and ask yourself this, would you be comfortable if you were living as a minority in a muslim community where you were reduced to dhimmi status?

    Islam is not compatible with western democracy, it does not encourage integration, it does encourage domination and subjugation. People need to wake up and view it as the threat that it is. Many believe a ‘civil’ war is inevitable in the UK, I hope it does not come to that, but steps need to be taken to reduce the possibility. If you suppress free speech you are inviting an eventual explosion. Open debate needs to be encouraged and muslims need to answer some questions eg, do you believe the death penalty is right for apostates? do you believe that sharia law should be allowed to operate in Britain and should people be stoned to death for being gay? Or, are you willing to live in a open democracy where the death penalty has been abolished, gays are now able to themselves without fear and are you willing to subscribe to a justice system base on secular and just principles. In short, are you willing to truly integrate? Tony Abbot had the right idea, to paraphrase, you are welcome to come here if you come and integrate, you are not welcome if you seek to take over.

  8. The mosque will be the best thing to happen to Hereford in recent history – the bigoted shithole needs some culture.

  9. We don’t need no muslamic church in our town, we need a decent railway’s what we need. I dain’t want a lee-rigby type thing happening here… then again Herefordshire’s so heavily armed i dent think we’ll gone allow one to come here.

  10. A members only Islamic Day Centre in Hereford?? I think not
    It could well be a place to spawn radicalisation (brainwashing).
    Integration is what is needed, not closed doors, The old saying
    still applies ‘As in Rome etc., etc.,’.

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