The Russians are coming

England’s Hereford based blind football team are back in action for the first time since last years World Championship. They are taking on the Russians in two friendlies at the Point4 up at the RNC and hope to build up momentum leading into a busy summer of football.

Although the England team were disappointed to only finish fourth at the World Championship, the tournament as a whole was a massive success. The organisers at the RNC managed to put on a great event. They did this even with a completely uncooperative Football Association, and a low flying SAS helicopter interfering with a match, nice one RNC.

Anyone who was lucky enough to go and watch a World Cup game will know that tickets sold out and these games against the Russians will be no different. If you’ve never been to a blind football match then now is your chance to experience football as you’ve seen it,  get a ticket, get up to the Point4 but, Shhhh, leave your air horn at home.

Match details-

Friday 18 February at 7.30pm,
Saturday 19 February at 3pm,
Ticket details – call The Point4 on 01432 376376

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