The Highway-To-Nowhere is going nowhere

Our man in the know gives further insight into the ESG link road and plans to relocate businesses.

Back in November 2003 (even before ESG – let alone Hereford Futures – had been thought of), Geoff Hughes gave a presentation to Hereford Civic Society about the Edgar Street Grid masterplan.

Someone in the audience asked: “Since the council doesn’t own all the 100 acres, how do you propose to acquire the sites/buildings not in your ownership?” His answer: “By Compulsory Purchase Orders.”  Supplementary question: “How many would that involve?” Answer: “Between 100 and 110.”

Last month Hughes was sent an e-mail asking him in the ensuing eight years, a) how many CPOs had been issued and b) how many businesses had been re-located.  Answers (after considerable shilly-shallying): a) no CPOs had been issued b) only 15.

For more than eight years it has been obvious even to a twat like the otter-loving Pickles that Royal Mail and Rockfield DIY lie in the path of their wretched Highway-To-Nowhere.

Posties give ESG road the middle finger

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