‘The future’s bright, the future’s at Edgar Street’

Hereford FC badgeWe knew all along that we’d get our club back, and the news that Hereford FC is set to kick off next season at Edgar Street was met with a collective sigh of relief.

The company may be different but most people know this is a continuation of Hereford United, with the same history, the same colours and most importantly the same fans.

There is one major different between FC and United though. That is the relationship with other football clubs, and in particular the local ones. The support given to us from the likes of Pegasus Juniors, Westfields, Malvern Town and Kidderminster Harriers cannot be understated. I for one will long remember that night in front of the TV cameras at Aggborough. The football community certainly rallied round when we needed them most. Shame the Football Association didn’t do the same.

But we need to learn from the Keyte/Agombar/Lonsdale debacle. That situation should never be allowed to happen again. Most of us fans have faith in the supporters’ trust (HUST), and chairman John Hale, to do things right.

But we need to be vigilant; no individual is bigger than this club. All decisions made by the new board should be looked at critically, and any problems should be flagged up via HUST. We again urge anyone who hasn’t already to join HUST. As the saying goes, ‘there’s power in a union’.

But let’s not be too critical. Things are moving forward rapidly and the future looks bright. As we go to print, interviews for the new manager have been completed. Also season tickets are now on sale, with many people set to buy one as a way of funding the new club, whether they can make every game or not.

That first friendly on 7th July away at Malvern Town is going to be an emotional day. Some people say that football is the opium of the masses. Well if that is the case then we at Heckler HQ are bunch of junkies.

Bring it on. Come on you Whites!

Luther Blissett

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