The Future of Live Music in Hereford

We spoke this week to Ivor Porkbelly from Hereford Live about the groups plans to give the music scene in Hereford a kick up the arse.

Hereford Heckler- Can you give us the background to how the idea of Hereford Live evolved?

Ivor Porkbelly- I moved back to Hereford this year, 35 years after leaving the old Teacher Training College in 1978 when it finally closed down. Much as I love Hereford I’ve quickly noticed the lack of live music in the town apart from maybe covers bands playing in pubs. When I was here back in the 70’s there was a thriving music scene, not only at the college but in places like the Flamingo Ballroom in Redhill. There was also the legendary Buzz Music in Widemarsh Street which was a magnet for punters and musicians alike.

Shortly after moving back I was chatting with Chris Adcocks, who runs the ‘Old Hereford Pics’ facebook page, and we were bemoaning the lack of musical variety and reasonable sized venues in the city. I went away and set up a facebook page called ‘A New Venue for Hereford’ to see if there was any support for the idea. This did attract a large following in a short time. We quickly turned words into actions and by holding meetings and discussing how we could change things we came up with the idea of Hereford Live.

HH- So who are targeting with this idea?

IP- Hereford Live plans to encompass all musical styles and genres for all ages under its umbrella. We hope to get loads of venues involved and some have already agreed to do so. The launch night on Wednesday 25th September at the Jailhouse is on from 7 till 12 and is free. There’s five bands playing plus some acoustic acts outside. We hope the launch will create strong interest for future gigs.

HH- What level of interest are you getting?

IP- The Art College are being really supportive, and we’re inviting a variety of people to come to the launch in the hope of increasing interest and support, not only from punters but also venues not already involved.

HH- So how will this work? What will bands and venues get out of Hereford Live?

IP- Future gigs in participating venues will be advertised under the Hereford Live banner. Adverts will be posted on the website and the facebook page. We will also have flyers and posters to publicise gigs. We will try to ensure that dates for gigs don’t clash so as to maximise audience numbers.

As I mentioned, the Art College are behind our plans and, ironically, are soon to move to RNC campus which was once the College of Education. We hope that the main hall that holds up to 600 people will be available for gigs in the future, if so, this will be a 360º moment for myself and others who enjoyed music there in the past.

HH- Exciting times for the music scene in Hereford then?

IP- It’s a bold project and one that deserves the support not only of the wider community but the council as well, who may be open to grant funding.

So watch this space. Look out for flyers and posters, join our facebook page, come to the launch night and come to our meetings and get involved. There’s no reason to stay at home moaning “There’s nothing on the Hereford” You can now make a difference.



2 thoughts on “The Future of Live Music in Hereford

  1. How about this
    Change the use of the courtyard theatre to become a rejuvenated butter market and thus link more favourably with new development
    Then make a more democratic theatre out of the butter market for theatre live music et all connecting and bringing life back to the centre of town making use of that bloody paved precinct all day and thru to the late evening instead of the deadly void
    It now is from 4pm onwards worse still in autumn winter months
    Plant some established trees for gathering and seating areas in high town
    I remember fondly the seventies and early eighties when our little town was vibrant
    Art college tech teachers flamingo etc ulu bar folk pippin folk etc
    Rotters club a great introduction to play watch and listen a cinema in the centre a collection
    Of great pubs to suit all whats happened
    Out of interest do the colleges still have rag weeks?
    Teachers training were great, summer balls etc a week to look forward to

    Have we all just lost our imagination
    It’s not difficult it’s been done before it would seem that we are always looking for something original
    Well it worked in the 70s
    The shire hall and town hall were also good venues
    Terrible acoustics though but who cares
    trench coats afghan coats tee shirts cheesecloth and jeans
    Happy days

  2. Using the Butter Market for theatre and live music is a great idea. Would also be nice to have things to do for teens during the day. Been worrying about what will happen to the Butter Market after the fiasco that is the old Cattle Market. And as for established trees, yes, we could definitely do with some of those back.

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