Tesco Pull Ledbury Store Plans!

Only a day before the planning application was due to be decided, Tesco have decided to shelve their controversial plans for an out-of-town superstore in Ledbury.

Tesco, which already has a store in the town, applied for planning permission for another town near the town’s bypass back in July. However, opposition was hot on its heels, and the Ledbury Opposes Tesco Superstores campaign group was formed. The group received considerable support from local high street traders who argued that the new Tesco store would take away trade and destroy the town. Posters supporting LOTS can be seen across the town, thousands have signed petitions and over a hundred turned out to protest against the plans.

In August the tale took another twist, when Sainsburys applied to build another superstore next to the proposed Tesco location. LOTS changed it’s name to Ledbury Opposes Out of Town Superstores, and vowed to fight the plans.

You can see more on the LOTS website.

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