Hereford Roller Girls go from strength to strength

It’s been a very busy summer for Hereford Roller Girls. In August the Herefordshire based Roller Derby league celebrated its 3rd Birthday with a quiz night hosted by Leon from Bar Wars. There was more to come later in the summer, when the A Team the Horror Bulls beat South Wales Reaper Roller Girls 363 to 58 points. The game was part of the group stage for the Heartland Series Tournament, and the Horror Bulls became the first team to qualify for the 2014 Finals Weekend!

The A Team remains undefeated in 2014 and recently moved up to 70th place in the European Roller Derby Rankings (out of over 350 teams). The game against Reaper Roller Girls was the Horror Bulls first UKRDA (United Kingdom Roller Derby Association) sanctioned bout and saw the Bulls enter the UK Rankings at an impressive 13th place, out of 37.

The summer has also seen the league grow in numbers, with the September intake full of fresh new skaters and a brand new B Team the Terror Bulls. The Terror Bulls played their first closed door game in September, the scores from the game won’t be released, but there will be plenty more to come from these Bulls! All of this hard work has not gone unnoticed, in February the Horror Bulls were named ‘Senior Team of the Year’ at the Herefordshire Sport Awards 2013, and this Autumn they have been shortlisted for ‘Community Club of the Year’ at the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Sport Awards 2014. Horror Bulls Captain Becce Turner has also been shortlisted for ‘Senior Sportswoman of the Year’.

The future looks to be just as busy for the skaters and officials. The Horror Bulls next game is at home against Birmingham Blitz B Team on 2nd November (more details on Facebook here: It’s the last home game of the season, and will be a nice warm up for the Heartland Finals. It’s not often HRG play at home, so it’s the perfect opportunity to see them in action!

Next year brings a new challenge for the Horror Bulls, they have been invited to take part in a tournament in Caen, France. Hereford are the only UK team to be invited to compete and this will be their first international trip together. The tournament is in January and the Bulls are currently fundraising for the trip. There will also be a punk benefit at the Jailhouse ‘Night of the Living Shred 2’ on 31st October, with hardcore punk from bands such as Brain Wreck, Fetus Christ and Skinhorse – this will be a Halloween you won’t forget!

There’s another fundraising event later in the year, with a quiz night at Hereford City Sports Club on the 29th November, they’ll be more details to come soon, visit to find out about this and other upcoming events.



Bulls fans to protest at TV game next Wednesday

A statement from Hereford United Supporters Trust

The Hereford United Supporters Trust fully support and endorse a peaceful protest to take place by Hereford United fans next Wednesday, October 8th, at Aggborough when Kidderminster Harriers take on Welling United in a Conference Premier match televised on BT Sport.

Following on from a fan suggestion, HUST spoke to their counterparts with the Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters Trust and, after approval of the Kidderminster Board of Directors, and from the police and local safety group, it has been agreed that Bulls fans will be allocated the away terrace (South Stand) at Aggborough for the match.

Bulls fans will take part in a peaceful protest bringing attention to the current situation at Hereford United that sees dozens of former employees still without pay and basic tax documentation from their time working for the club – money that was supposedly demanded by the Southern League to be paid before the club kicked off the season – while banned owner Tommy Agombar remains heavily involved at the club despite failing the Owners and Directors Test.

The game takes place on Wednesday, October 8th, kicking off at 7.45pm.

Hereford United Supporters Trust

1st October 2014.

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Beware Jabba the Blake

A bad smell has descended on Edgar Street. It’s not the smell of bullshit spoken by the current owners of the club. It’s not even the rotting pile of rubbish in the Blackfriars end. No, this is the smell of an individual who can’t help but turn to shit everything he touches.

Jabba the Blake, also known as Stuart Blake, is a local ‘businessman’ who has left a trail of debts and failed businesses across the county. A brief search of the Companies House website shows at least 14 failed enterprises. He’s currently making money off the hard work of others through his current business Herefordshire Recruitment. Not surprisingly David ‘I killed HUFC’ Keyte is a big buddy of Blake, even having a directorship in Blake’s firm.

Blake’s first involvement at Edgar Street was as a non-executive director under Keyte. This was until it was pointed out that people with Individual Voluntary Arrangements aren’t allowed to sit on the board of football clubs. An IVA is the alternative people take out to avoid going bankrupt.  Doesn’t sound good really does it. A failed businessman helping an incompetent businessman to ruin a football club!

Well he’s back; Jabba just can’t help himself. He’s been seen sitting in the stand at Edgar Street next to Tommy ‘football man’ Agombar, looking like a little boy who’s too impressed by the bigger boys.

One thing that was clear from Jabba’s first stint at Edgar Street is that he is a fantasist. This is the man who dreamt up the Arab investors! Yes, really! He convinced himself—but failed to convince many other people—that a group of Arabs were going to arrive with bags of cash and make everything ok.

So guess what. He’s convinced Tommy and Mandy that the Arabs are still interested! You can’t make this shit up.

The drama continues.

Luther Blissett

Hereford United chairman rips off cancer charity?

Has Lonsdale stooped to a new low?

Back in August Hinton Football Club hosted a charity football match between Hereford United Supporters Trust Fans’ Team and the Mayor’s Xl, with proceeds split between the mayor’s chosen charity and the Adam Stansfield Foundation. The Foundation was set up after the sad death of ex-United player Adam Stansfield from bowel cancer.

In the lead up to the game HUST were contacted by Hereford United chairman Andy Lonsdale who said he’d like to donate a Lionel Messi signed Barcelona shirt. This kind offer was accepted by HUST who passed the shirt on to the foundation to auction online.

Information passed on to the Heckler this week suggests the Andy Lonsdale himself won the auction but has failed to pay for the shirt! The auction was held on eBay with the winning bid of £255. It came from someone going by the same name as Lonsdale with other personal information matching that of the current United chairman. After repeated efforts to contact the buyer, the foundation are now at a loss of what to do.

Now it may well be that someone has maliciously taken on Lonsdale’s ID, which is not a difficult thing to do on eBay. Either way, some sicko or Londale himself is ripping off a charity.  We recommend that Lonsdale either pay up or contact the foundation to settle the issue.

We did think of contacting Hereford United to get a comment from Lonsdale but with the club’s track record of not communicating with anyone we decided not to waste our time.

The Adam Stansfield Foundation can be contacted here

Luther Blissett

Interview with Tommy Agombar.

Our intrepid reporter Helen Heckler was lucky enough to land an interview with Tommy Agombar after Hereford United’s win at home to Biggleswade Town last Saturday.

Helen: Thanks for taking the time to talk to us, Tommy.

Tommy: Yeah, no problem. Always willing to talk to a pretty lady.

H: Err, ok. Anyway, good performance today wouldn’t you say?

T: Fackin’ spot on there, Helen. We ran rings round them, should have scored a hat full.

H: Disappointing crowd though?

T: Not really. It doesn’t matter how many come to the games, it won’t change what I’ve got planned for this place.

H: Can you explain to our readers what these plans are?

T: Yeah. At the moment this is all a bit of a play thing for me. I’m pretty much running everything whatever the fackin’ FA say.

H: Everything?

T: Fackin’ right! I pick the team, I sign the players, this is my fackin’ club innit!

H: So what about the manager and chairman, what are their roles?

T: Jon Taylor is on the books for his knowledge of the property business; I pick the fackin’ team, he does what he’s told or he’s out, naa what I mean? As for Mandy Lonsdale – that’s my nickname for him, haha – he’s my bitch, I need him there to front of the club.

H: Wow, this is amazing, Tommy. So Jon Taylor has experience of the property business, what’s that all about?

T: Don’t be naive my little flower. We are going to knock this shithole stadium daan and build on it ain’t we! Jon’s old man can help us wiv all that. As for Mandy, he knows fack all about fack all so don’t worry about him.

H: So these are your plans, to develop the ground. What about the club?

T- Bollocks to the club! Like I said it’s my play thing at the moment. I was hoping to launder a shit-load of cash through it when I took over but that wanker Keyte took me for a ride. He knew I cant read so I didn’t know how in debt this craphole club was. So I’m just running the place into the ground now. That way no-one will give a fack when we bulldoze the place.

H: No-one will care? What about the fans?

T: Fans? What fans? Those inbred muppets haven’t got a clue. I’ve got my own ways of dealing with them.

H: And what ways are those, Tommy?

T: Threats, intimidation … and if that don’t work then some good old Essex violence should do the trick.

H: But you cant threaten all of them.

T: No need to, I’ve made a few choice phone calls already, they know I mean business. And those hard-looking bastards around the ground on match day, they ain’t there just to make the attendances look good.

H: Did you use the same tactics with the Southern League?

T: Naa, you have to be a bit careful with people like that. You have to massage their egos, they love their influence in the game, and they also love new watches and holidays abroad.

H: You mean…

T: You know what I mean, Helen. I have my ways of gettin’ fings done.

H: Ok, how about the fans boycott, doesn’t that concern you?

T: Hahaha, tossers, the lot of ’em! They think I’m going anywhere? They’re having a laugh. I’ve got enough cash to keep this place going till the ground gets developed.

H: So you are laundering money through the club?

T: I never fackin’ said that, Helen, don’t twist my words.

H: So if you have enough money why are staff and bills going unpaid?

T: I might have money but I don’t want to fackin’ waste it do I! If I can get away without paying people I fackin’ will. Like I said this is my club, I do what the fack I want. Anyway I’d rather spend my money back in Essex than here in Hertfordshire.

H: You mean Herefordshire?

T: That’s what I fackin’ said. I’m warning you, Helen, don’t twist my words.

H: Whatever you say, Tom! So can you tell us anything about the two other directors who are involved with the club?

T: No not really. Mandy got them in to make it look a bit more legit, I’ve never even met them. You’ll have to ask Mandy.

H: So Andy  … err, Mandy … does have some influence in the running of the club?

T: Listen, Mandy and me go back a long way. I owe him from when I was inside, he means a lot to me.

H: Sorry, he means a lot to you? Is there more to your friendship than just a working relationship?

T: No, fack, I didn’t mean it like that, Andy is just a mate. You twisting my words again, Helen?