h.Energy: Sustainable Herefordshire Week

h.Energy kicked off early last week with a flash mob in Hereford High Town. Over 100 people surprised shoppers by breaking into song. The organisers were equally surprised when many of the shoppers joined in for the encore. (click here to see footage of the flash mob)

Now in it’s third year, h.Energy has over 100 events taking place throughout the county. Describing itself as “a week-long county-wide open exhibition of events and activities about living more sustainably in Herefordshire.” Their mission is to “demonstrate that using renewable local resources, avoiding waste and reducing energy usage is just common sense”.

Climate change is something everyone is aware of but not everyone feels they are in a position to do anything about it. It’s also not a priority for everyone. If you are facing housing, employment or social problems, getting your recycling sorted isn’t going to be top of the list. Hopefully this years h.Energy will be more accessible to people outside of the ‘green ghetto’. They have certainly made the effort to involve more families with the ‘Ladybird Safari’ of events. A full list of what’s happening can be found here.

Organisers are hoping that this years attendance will exceed that of last year when 2500 people took part. With a diverse group of participants from schools, farms and community groups to shops, restaurants and charities, every aspect of sustainability is covered. Transport, energy generation, food, energy saving, recycling, community empowerment, local economy, permaculture and alternative finance, the list goes on.

So even though the h.Energy folk aren’t yet pushing for the revolution that would rid us of the climate damaging profit driven economy, it’s certainly something to get involved with and support.

h.Energy runs from 13th-21st October, download thier brochure here


More violence from the Ross Harriers Hunt

Supporters of the Ross Harriers Hunt smashed a vehicle window and attacked hunt saboteurs with an iron bar during a meet at Orcop Hill, west of Ross-on-Wye, yesterday. The victim of the attack suffered injuries to the leg and head.

Throughout the day the hunt had been threatening and assaulting saboteurs. This escalated until several of their vehicles blocked in the saboteurs near the end of the day and attacked them. Mounted members of the hunt were quick to join in, throwing punches and riding at people.

This is just the latest attack from this violent hunt. Their huntsman, Lee Peters, is currently on police bail for racially abusing a saboteur and one of their supporters was arrested this week for punching a saboteur in the face.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “The Ross Harriers continue to act outside the law and think they can get away with it. We are pleased that the police have taken the last two incidents seriously and arrested the aggressors and we strongly urge them to do the same on this occasion. We will not let such violence deter us and we have members throughout the country willing to come and show support.”

Ross-On-Wye huntsman arrested for racial abuse

Huntsman Arrested for Racially Abusing Hunt Saboteur

Lee Peters, huntsman for the Ross Harriers, was arrested today for racially abusing a hunt saboteur who was present to try and stop illegal hunting taking place. As the Harriers left their meet at Penny Farthing, Aston Crews, Mr. Peters shouted racist remarks about a saboteur to other members of the hunt. Fortunately he was overheard by an independent witness who called the police.

The arrest comes just weeks after Alan Morgan, until last year huntsman to the Cotswold Vale Farmers Fox hunt, pleaded guilty to racially abusing a hunt saboteur after an incident in late 2010.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt saboteurs association, stated: ” Sadly it no longer surprises us at the depths members of the hunting community will sink to. This kind of behaviour is, sadly, all to common and it is just fortunate that on this occasion there was an independent witness. Hunt saboteurs are verbally and physically abused weekly by hunts but such behaviour only spurs us on in our efforts to see an end to illegal hunting.”

All Press enquiries: 07774 279133

Taken from – Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release January 7th 2012



Tudorville Youth Centre saved!

Tudorville Youth Centre in Ross has now been saved from closure! The council had previously branded the building ‘unfit for purpose’ but Tudorville locals knew it was an important asset. Their campaign against closure now means that the centre will be run by the community, for the community.

Members of the Tudorville and District Community Centre association had engaged in several months of fundraising for the building and will now begin repair works to bring it back into use. The association aim to operate it as a community owned not-for-profit asset.

It just goes to show what can be achieved when a community comes together and acts together. Well done, Tudorville!

You can see our previous article on the Youth Centre here – http://herefordheckler.wordpress.com/2010/04/12/the-battle-for-a-community-centre/ or visit the campaign Facebook page here – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=309408803675&v=wall

Councillors deaf to all objections

Should next year’s local elections change the rotten-to-the-core Herefordshire Council, the autocratic authority’s all-powerful Central Planning Committee should be the first to get a thorough clean-out.

Two disgracefully lop-sided decisions were whistled through this Spring: the fatuous ‘link road to nowhere’ and a lacklustre housing development in the grounds of the listed Caradoc Court, near Ross-on-Wye.

After ruling that It’s Our City founder, Cllr Mark Hubbard, had ‘a prejudicial interest’ in the outcome and expelling him from the Brockington debate, the 14-person committee (10 Tories, including the chair and vice-chair) took less than three hours to nod through the £14-million road, despite the committee receiving an unprecedented 83 letters of objection.

Even more scandalous was the planning department’s contemptuous treatment of Hereford Civic Society’s 32-page technical analysis of the follies of the Link Road, which had taken the society over 250 member hours to research, write and publish–its existence warranted a mere eight words in the committee papers!

One member of the public who was given leave to speak under the three minute rule was local photographer Keith James, whose business premises directly faces the new road’s junction with the A49. Mr James–who was never sent a formal notification of the planning application–said that despite his constant barrage of letters to the road’s promoter ESG, he was first paid a visit by planners just 48 hours before the Brockington meeting!

No fewer than six planning committee members raised the matter of the horrendous traffic problems which the new cross-city road will impose on residential roads such as Barrs Court and Bodenham. But the two people who should have been present to speak up for their constituents, Aylestone ward councillors Nick Vaughan and Brian Wilcox, were conspicuous by their absence.

Two weeks later the committee was back to give the green light to a complex of six bland, executive-style detached houses, to be built in the grounds of Caradoc Court, the partially-restored 17th century mansion at Sellack, which was mysteriously gutted by a fire in 1986. Even a 300-signature local petition failed to impress the committee, which approved the scheme … submitted by the property’s owner, local Tory county councillor Harry Bramer.