Hunt supporter pleads guilty to hunt saboteur assault

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release October 24th 2012

Paul Standen, a supporter of the Ross Harriers Hunt, pleaded guilty today to assaulting two hunt saboteurs. Standen, who was on trial at Hereford Magistrates Court, had to pay a fine, costs and compensation.

Standen-WebThe incident occurred in March this year when the Ross Harriers met at Kilpeck near Hereford. Standen drove his vehicle at a group of saboteurs before jumping out and violently pushing a female out of the way before punching another member of the group in the face. Unfortunately for him the whole attack was filmed and he was arrested.

Lee Peters, Master of the hunt, is also in court next month for racially abusing a hunt saboteur.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “It is always a pleasure to see justice done, however we wish Mr. Standen had done the honourable thing and pleaded guilty much earlier in the proceedings and saved the tax payer a great deal of money. We look forward to a similar result next month when Mr. Peters is in court and we hope the Ross Harriers will start to realise they are not above the law.”

The Heckler has previously reported on the Ross Harriers hunt and their bad behaviour. Back in January, their huntsman was arrested for racially abusing a saboteur. In March some of their supporters attacked saboteurs with an iron bar and damaged a vehicle.

Is the killing of police officers worse than any other murder?

The recent killing of two police officers in Manchester was met by the almost inevitable calls for retribution, with Norman Tebbit, among others, calling the death sentence for cop killers.

Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone

Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes were police constables shot dead while answering a hoax call. But Dale Creggan, the accused, has also been charged with two other killings. David Short was found dead at his home in August, three months after his son Mark was shot. All four deaths are equal in their cruelty and the pain felt by their families is unimaginable. Although Tebbit and sections of the mainstream media are rather less scathing about the deaths of David and Mark Short.

David and Mark Short

This is nothing new. Politicians and the media only dish out sympathy where they see fit. The killing of five women in Ipswich a few years back is a perfect case. There was no calls for serial killer Steve Wright to be hung, that’s because his victims worked as prostitutes. Not a profession rated very highly by Lord Tebbit no doubt.

It must be open to debate whether the killing of police officers is more serious a crime than the killing of us ‘civilians’. Since 1990 1,433 people have died either in custody or while coming into contact with the police. During that time there has been no successful criminal prosecutions. This has included many high profile cases such as those of Sean Rigg, Jean Charles de Menezes, Ian Tomlinson and Mark Duggan. This is of course the extreme end of police violence. There have been many instances where the behaviour of the police is at the very least questionable. The Battle of Orgreave, the Battle of the Beanfield, The Guildford Four and Hillsborough to name a few.

So why does the murder of police officers warrant such vitriol? Well, it would appear that respect for the police, as well as magistrates, judges and the rest of the criminal justice system, are a cornerstone of our society. With that respect comes fear, fear of challenging the status quo, fear of stepping out of line. By holding the police service up as pillars of the community politicians and media are ensuring the continued control of the vast majority of the population.

There may well be some decent well meaning people in the police. But when they put that uniform on they are giving up any common sense, morals or independent thoughts they may have. “I’m just following orders” is often used as an excuse for appalling behaviour.

If the Police are to be seen as anything other than tools of the state then they need to start protecting the people from the state and not the other way round.


Anarchists detained by counter-terrorist police

For the past week, thousands of anarchists from across Europe have been converging in St.Imier, Switzerland to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Anarchist international. The gathering took the form of a festival and educational, with music, films and entertainment as well as workshops and discussions.

On returning from the St Imier gathering, two anarchists, one a member of the UK Anarchist Federation, were detained for nearly two hours at Heathrow by SO15 (counter-terrorist) police. During the detention, the anarchists were told that their normal rights did not apply, and had their names, addresses, email addresses, DNA and fingerprints taken. The detained anarchists were also forced to sign forms – which may or may not be legal – waiving their rights to silence and a solicitor. Police also conducted a thorough search of personal possessions, photocopied literature and passports and took information from phones and cameras.

During the detention, the police constantly accused the anarchists of lying about involvement in criminal activity and alleged that they would be conducting follow-up police action against one of the detained anarchists. In addition to this, SO15 officers asked a number of inflammatory, irrelevant and offensive questions, including ‘what would you do if someone raped your mother?’ evidently in an attempt to cause emotional upset and illicit angry or violent responses. One member (28) who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals from the police, said “We were treated like criminals. I told them I went to the congress as I am an amateur journalist and I write articles about activism. They saw my note book, camera and Dictaphone but they said I was lying. One officer said ‘You said you are an anarchist, I’ve seen anarchists on the news, they are violent, throw molotov cocktails and disrupt people’s lives not write articles'”.

The counter terrorist officers either didn’t know or chose to ignore that, during the first day of the gathering, the International of Anarchist Federations (Of which the UK Anarchist Federation is a member) had issued a statement rejecting all terrorist tactics as a means of achieving an anarchist society.

In contrast to the actions of the UK security forces, the local press and residents in St.Imier reported very positively on the anarchist gathering.

With this incident, we are seeing a further slide towards political policing and the criminalisation of political ideologies. The two detained anarchists have not had any involvement in any illegal or violent activity, or any activity that would concern the counter-terrorist police. As in the past, when Metropolitan police called on people to give information about local anarchists ( Anarchists should be reported, advises Westminster anti-terror police | UK news | The Guardian ), anarchists suffered harassment for their political viewpoint.

As class-struggle anarchists, we believe that the state does little except serve the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of ordinary people. This is seen clearly when people who hold views critical of the state are treated as criminals and terrorists. We seek to create a classless society, based on freedom, equality and co-operation. We believe in the capacity of ordinary people to run society themselves, without the interference of bosses or politicians. This incident was not in response to any crime and constitutes repression and criminalisation of a political ideology.

From Anarchist Federation

Rioter jailed…for over 1,800 years!

It’s a year on from the riots that swept across the country and some interesting statistics have been released.

A total of 1,292 naughty boys and girls have been jailed for their part in the riots, out of over 3,000 prosecuted. The average custodial sentence was 16.8 months, four times higher than the average term dished out for similar crimes under ‘normal’ circumstances. Unfortunately, the judges were sooo hyped by the headlines, that they dished out a sentence of 1,808 years to an unlucky 13-year-old Facebook-using hoodlum from Stow-on-the-Wold.

‘ang about sarge, they’ve got a banging knicker selection

If Twitter was anything to go by at the time, bored 20-something students were going to enter into an unusual pact with the country’s most notorious firm – ‘The Daily Mail Hit Squad’ – to take it to the scruffy ruffians taking part in the burnin’ an’ a lootin’.  Others predicted that millions of cops were gunna get murked. It was a nonevent on both sides.

But a man was jailed for 16 months for stealing an ice cream, taking just one lick before he was nabbed. Why wasn’t he as opportunistic as the other looters, why didn’t he finish the whole damn thing?! He doesn’t like coffee flavour. He wanted double choc chip.

A bloke also stole a single Nike Air Force 1 trainer in Slough. Apparently Pauline from down the road got the other one before him. Gutted.

Olympics feminist protest stopped by police

Four women were arrested outside City Hall in London today, after holding a topless protest accusing the International Olympic Committee (IOC) of supporting ‘bloody Islamist regimes’ with poor records on women’s rights.


The demonstrators from Ukranian feminist group, Femen, had slogans written on their bodies, such as ‘No Sharia’ and ‘Olympic Shame.’ In a statement put out via their facebook page, they said:

Femen requires the states that apply the laws of sharia be shut out of the Olympic games, because of the inhumanity of these laws, which are in total contradiction with Olympic principles that are peace and philanthropy.

Femen accuses these states of simulating democratic changes regarding the position of women.

With the support of the IOC, these Islamist governments use the participation of women in the Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead.

If the IOC keeps flirting with radical Islam, new Olympic disciplines, such as stoning or speed raping will be added to the competition.

The group have previously hit the headlines with similar protests. Earlier in the year they held demonstrations at the Euro 2012 football tournament in Poland and Ukraine, highlighting prostitution in the host cities. In February they also clashed with police at Milan Fashion Week. They had painted ‘Fashion = Fascism’ and ‘Anorexia’ on themselves. Femen has also previously held protests against the Russian KGB and the World Economic Forum, amongst others.