Lime trees not limelight

The fight to save the Edgar Street trees continued this week with a demonstration of local residents and activists. Those who attended made their feeling known with music, song and the redecoration of the trees. It was a good turn out for the first demo, but almost inevitably it was hijacked by politicians. In the resulting video that was produced from the demo (which can be viewed here) these politicians feature heavily.

All residents of Hereford have an opinion on the trees, politicians included, but why they have to be thrust to the front of the campaign is unclear. Councillors from the ‘It’s their County’ party in particular have a bad record when it comes to community led organisations. Lets not forget that they destroyed the anti-Edgar Street Grid campaign in order to get themselves elected. And since when did the Tory party give a shit about the environment. Clearly for these individuals the limelight is far more important that the trees.

The people who really matter are those directly affected by the planned road widening scheme. Local residents like Anne-Marie Dossett who are working tirelessly to ensure that the public are listened too. These are the people who are driving the campaign, and should be commended for doing so.

What matters is the opinions of local people who feel passionate about saving these trees. Let hope their views aren’t ignored in favour of self serving politicians

The fight continues.

Vote Tory, Vote for Revolution!

Cuts to the NHS, attacks on the disabled, scapegoating of the unemployed, tax cuts for the rich, criminalisation of squatting, increase in student tuition fees etc. etc. none of this sounds very revolutionary does it? Well think again.

While the Tory millionaires are pushing through these policies, the people are getting organised. We’ve seen students take over Tory HQ, riots in cities across the country, direct action by Disabled People Against Cuts, UK Uncut and the Occupy movement and the list goes on.

Peoples anger is always kept in check when Labour are in power. The attitude of “it could be worse, it could be the Torys” stops any effective opposition. In fact, only the far right thrives under Labour. The National Front in the 70’s and the BNP in the 90’s.

It would appear that as long as the Torys stay in power peoples anger will grow. So lets keep Jesse and his greedy mates in power. As anarchists we’re not interested in the ballot box, we believe that real change comes through direct action, but if YOU are going to vote at the next election, Vote Tory, Vote for civil unrest, Vote for Revolution!! Things could get really interesting if these tossers get another four years

Cameron and Norman in pissed-up fisticuffs

The Houses of Parliament last night became a scene of grab-a-cider-and-a-seat-and-enjoy-the-match hilarity as prime minister and toff, David Cameron squared up to Hereford MP and toff, Jesse Norman.

The morning after the night before: Norman and Wiggin put on the awkward smiles as Mrs Windsor arrives in Hereford

The fisticuffs occurred after Norman had organised a rebellion against the government’s House of Lords reform bill, sending out an email urging MPs to defy the prime minister.

Insiders in the Houses of Parliament said that Cameron, having discovered this, made a beeline for the Hereford MP, confronting him aggressively, pointing and poking.

Minutes later, four Tory whips – which included Leominster pickpocket, Bill Wiggin – sought out Norman in a parliamentary bar and told him in no uncertain terms to get off the property. Norman, who was reportedly under the influence, agreed.

Ohhhhhhhh, heeeeee haaaaaa, how our sides ache! What could be better than watching our very own Jesse Norman and David Cameron become better acquainted! The money we would pay to see them – and Bill Wiggin as well! – kicking each other all over the palace floors … well, it’s at least a tenner!

May we wish for the crack between arse and arse licker to grow ever wider, the feud to grow in hate and intensity and that someone can get a camera on it next time! (And if Eric Joyce could be thrown into the mix too we’d be grateful. Thanks.)

“Jesse Norman mainly plays porn soundtracks”

Giving out information on sunburnt pigeons, announcing the line up of the Tesco roundabout festival, and complaining about their emails; it’s all in a day’s work for Hereford_News Ltd. We caught up with Marketing and Communications Manager, Polly Spine who gave us the lowdown on all things Hereford_News-like.


Polly Spine, just ordering a Chinese

Oh hi, how’s things? How’s your mum? She keeping alright is she?
She’s fine, we had lunch at Saxty’s last Saturday. I had the milky smashed crabs, she had the tender beef curtains.

So Polly, what’s the latest news?
Ghosts are allergic to yoghurt.

And how are Alan and Sue Nosh getting on with their lottery winnings?
They spent £10 on a goat for an African village as recommend by Lenny Henry, and a solid gold helicopter.

The Hereford Times never report any of your exclusives. Do you think they’re just jealous of your journalistic skill?
We are good friends with all the folks at Hereford Times and the Journal, we did a charity exorcism with them last year. The Admag people are based in Finland so we never see them.


After heroically rescuing the drowning wasp from that urinal how is fireman Tim Plib coping with the fame?
No idea what you are talking about.

What day is good for you?
Pancake day, or the day I was married, I put my finger in my husband’s ring and started crying.

Do you think with river levels being so low it is now time to put the emergency flood plug back in the Wye? And what about the river Lugg?
I can refer your question to our liquid specialist if you like?

Yes please. Let us know. When you’re sat in a Hereford garden waiting for the sun, do you ever get a tan from standing in the Hereford rain?
I get my tan from ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange’ tanning salon on Commercial Road.

We see that MP Jesse Norman is doing a bit of DJing these days. Does he do any 90s cheese or is it all just modern stuff?
I’ve not seen him play but I hear it’s mainly moombahton, wobstep and Italian porn soundtracks.

Your foreign correspondent says he’s seen a semolina pilchard climbing up the Eiffel tower. Do you think we’ll ever see a similar fish climbing up the cathedral tower?

I went to the newsagent in town and asked the lady for a copy of Hereford News and she said: “You mean Hereford Times? It’s over there love, 80p. We don’t sell anything called Hereford News.” What do you think she meant and which newsagent does sell your news?
Hereford_News is available in all good newsagents, and quite a few bad ones.

My nan is a great fan of your Twitter page. Can she have your autograph?
Thanks, our staff put a lot of time and effort in to the Twitter page, we have 23 full time reporters working on it.

Do you have any important functions coming up?
My husband and I have tickets to see WILL.I.AM at the Cock of Tupsley in June!

Any traffic updates for our readers?
Get a bike, it’s going to get worse.

Homeless hostel closed by Cameron

‘We’re all in it together’ … apparently. Yet none of us can see David Cameron and all his rich mates losing their homes. Which is precisely what’s happened to eight people in Hereford after the city’s only homeless hostel for men closed its doors at the end of February.

Cuts in housing benefit grants have meant Hope Scott House, on Roman Road, is now unable to cover the costs of the project, pushing already homeless men into a state of absolute destitution. This is what your cuts are doing, David Cameron!

It costs around £50,000 a year to keep the hostel open. Perhaps our millionaire MP, Jesse ‘I live in a massive house in leafy Broomy Hill’ Norman will put his hands in his pockets and show just how much he really cares about the people of Hereford!