All out on November 30th!

Support striking workers in Hereford – rally in High Town at 12 noon, Wednesday 30th November. 

Wednesday 30th November is to see the largest strike action by British workers in decades. An estimated 3 million public sector workers including teachers, NHS workers and local council employees, will strike in opposition to the Coalition Government’s planned changes to public sector pensions, which will mean workers paying more into pension schemes and working for longer. The TUC coordinated action will include picket lines and rallies across the country, with members of over 20 unions taking part.

Students are supporting the strikes, along with anti-cuts activists, UK Uncut,anarchist groups and many others. Unsurprisingly, the government and other mainstream parties have attacked and condemned the striking workers, and the media have been very hostile towards them.

It is essential that we stand together with public sector workers, against the planned changes to pensions and against other attacks on working class people. It is only through sustained and coordinated action like this, with workers standing together and acting in solidarity with one another, that the destructive government spending cuts can be defeated. An injury to one is an injury to all – support striking workers!

Rallies in support of the strike are also happening at the following places in the region:

  • Gloucester- March startes at 1pm outside Shire Hall. Rally at 2pm at Gloucester Park 
  • Worcester- March starts at 11.30am on Mealcheapen Street. Rally takes place between 12.30-2.30pm at St Andrews Methodist Church.

Details of events across the country can be seen on Unison’s ‘Day of action events map.’

Anarchists have set up a website to keep people updated about the activities of anarchist and radical groups on November 30th. You can view it here.

A Month of Festive Action Against Atos and the Benefit Cuts

With thousands to face homelessness in the New Year due to housing benefit cuts, the harassment and further impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of disabled people due to punitive ‘assessments’, the continued persecution of people on sickness benefits, soaring unemployment and forced labour in the name of Workfare, a truly Victorian Christmas is on the cards for millions of us.

Whilst Atos CEO and disability denier Keith Wilman tucks into his organic Christmas turkey or multi-millionaire poverty pimp Emma Harrison of A4e hangs tinsel in her tax payer funded stately home, millions of disabled people, parents, the low paid, unemployed or sick people and pensioners are facing a future of poverty, worsening health and homelessness.

Parents will be spending Christmas terrified that the new demands of conditionally for benefits, such as forcing single mothers into workfare schemes, will leave them unable to properly care for their children. People will life threatening conditions or mental health problems will be terrified that their upcoming Atos assessment, notoriously flawed as it is, will further strip them of vital and life saving benefits. Tens of thousands of low waged families are about to be socially cleansed from city centres due to housing benefit cuts whilst unemployed people face the prospect of being forced to work full time and still survive on just a few pounds a day.

The Welfare Reform Bill will see millions of disabled people forced into a similar, if not identical, testing regime for the new Personal Independence Payment that has tragically led to suicides amongst people already forced to undertake Atos’ Work Capability Assessments

For the last year disabled people, claimant activists and supporters have been protesting against the inhumane treatment being inflicted on already vulnerable people. Scores of protests have been held outside (and sometimes inside) the offices of Atos ‘Healthcare’, the largest ever march of disabled people and supporters has taken place, protests have been held outside the Daily Mail, A4e offices and other workfare providers and online activity about benefit issues has exploded.

Still the Tory Government pushes ahead, with their Lib Dem lap dogs never far ahead. We need more than ever to increase the pressure and fight these attacks on our most basic needs and very survival. Organise and help spread the word now, please list all local actions and protests on the facebook event page above or email them to: and we will do our best to help promote and support all events as much as we can.

Alternatively why not gather up your friends and turn up to spread seasonal cheer at your local Atos unannounced and then tell us about it afterwards. Everyone loves a surprise guest at Christmas!

We will not stop until they kill us.

A list of Atos corporate offices can be found here.
A PDF of all Atos Assessment Centres is available here.
Sign the petition against benefit cuts here.

From Claimants Fight Back

Gloucester Anti-Cuts March – THIS SATURDAY

Hereford Solidarity League will be attending a march and demonstration against the ConDem cuts in Gloucester on Saturday 20th November. The march will start at Gloucester Park at 10 am. More information can be found at the website here.

We encourage everybody available to be there. The wave of protests across the country are turning up the heat on Cameron and Co. as people are starting to wake up and take action.  This action needs to grow and continue if we are to face any real possibility of changing the tide and stopping the attacks on our class, our jobs and our services. See you there!

Ledbury ambulance station to close?

The future of Ledbury’s ambulance station seems unclear after staff say that it could be included in proposed cuts by West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Andy Kibble, an ambulance technician and representative of the public service union, UNISON, told a public meeting thatbosses were ‘seriously looking’ at closing the station. At the meeting to discuss the building of 800 new homes in the town, he said that Ledbury’s emergency medical coverage would have to be taken into serious consideration as the move would mean “playing chess with people’s lives.”

However, a spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service said that talk of closure was not true and that they were simply looking at ‘changing location’ of the station.

Three years ago ambulance stations in Ledbury and Ross-on-Wye were considered for closure, but after huge public and union opposition the plans were scrapped. Cuts to emergency and health care services mirror those currently happening elsewhere, resulting in job losses, and seriously threatening the well-being and safety of the public. We will have to wait and see whether this closure is to go ahead, but we will be ready to stand up and defend our emergency services if anything is to happen.