Dappy gets slappy in nightclub attack

dappyFresh from his gig in Guildford Crown Court, N-Dubz star Dappy’s latest raps have been on the heads of two Hereford clubbers.

The singer appeared at the city’s Play nightclub on Friday and was filmed as he lashed out at the audience, appearing to use his mic as a weapon.

Two clubbers claim to have been hit including Amy Saunders who said online: “He tried to hit the guy behind me … He just punched me and then the security guards took him off stage.”

Dappy claims to have been antagonised by a man in the crowd who then started swinging a glass at him. “I swung to disarm the glass from his hand. If that glass had hit me it could have been fatal,” he said.

Despite this would-be ‘fatal’ attack, video footage shows Dappy standing for several seconds in the man’s line of fire … obviously waiting to be killed like.

Dan Guerche, manager of Play, said: “A customer lunged through security towards Dappy with a plastic glass in his hand.

“Dappy, fearing for his safety, pushed the male away to remove the glass from his hand and caught the male on the head.” Hmm, likely story.

In the interests of fairness, we’re hoping Dappy was roughed up and chucked out by the bouncers, arrested by the police and will now receive a HAND ban, banning him from all pubs and clubs in Hereford … like any other clubber would be treated.

Dappy, however, clearly found the whole thing very funny: “Poor security lol,” he later tweeted.

Watch him make a dick out of himself here.

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