Send Them To Sea- Council Refuses To Reopen LEA Pool

Rogers New HomeHerefordshire Council couldn’t care less about sport and education if it tried. That was the decision made recently at a cabinet meeting when councillors voted against reopening the LEA pool because of ‘insufficient funds’.

The meeting, which took place on 31st July, heard that £72,500 would be needed to reopen the pool. An additional £210,000 was also needed to provide non-urgent upgrades.

Bradbury Lines builders Wimpey UK Ltd have paid the council £182,000 towards local education provision, which is more than enough to cover the initial repair work. An unsecured further £100,000 is also expected from the second phase of the housing development.

Which basically amounts to this: Herefordshire Council will not gamble this £100,000 to spend on upgrading an important sporting resource for our schools. But they are quite happy to gamble millions on the building of the Rotherwas Access Road, which was to be paid for by selling land for 300 homes.

And also this: Herefordshire Council have given the people of this county yet more proof, after proposals earlier in the year to close almost 40 schools, that they really don’t give a monkeys about anything other than getting into bed with top company bosses. You scratch my back …

But hang on, why should they have to gamble any money at all: six council bosses are now being paid salaries of between £100,000 and £150,000 each. Cut from the top, not the bottom, and there’s plenty of money; give ’em all the boot.

Under the national curriculum every child is expected to able to swim 25 metres by the time they leave primary school, yet the council has now closed the only purpose built teaching pool in the county. School pupils are currently using the Halo Leisure Pool, presumably in between the times when the wave machine is turned on.

But remember, just because the council says the LEA pool is now closed, that doesn’t mean that’s how it’s going to be. They only have the power to do such things because we sit back and let them do it. The power is with us, not them. The pool stays open, or Roger Phillips goes to the crocodiles!

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