Rot in hell, Maggie!

562142_232972043487429_425477410_nHush now, listen … can you hear that? The sound of corks popping all across the country.

Maggie Thatcher is dead!

And good fucking riddance to her!

Regular readers will know we’re no fans of the evil witch. In the past we’ve called for her ashes to be scattered in urinals and, after allegations of sexism, on dancefloors too.

We’ve been a frequent promotor of the Trafalgar Square party to celebrate her snuffing it.

We ain’t exactly been sitting on the fence.

Our only hope is that Cameron, Clegg, Osborne and Duncan-Smith (and Jesse Norman!) aren’t far behind!

Parties are being organised across the country. Find them via here.

Celebrations will be taking place this Saturday in Trafalgar Square, London at 6.00pm.

Alternatively just get down the pub and have a right good knees up!

Rot in hell, Maggie!

Illustration: Russell Taysom

8 thoughts on “Rot in hell, Maggie!

  1. As a lifelong Labour voter I have no problem acknowledging the one constant theme that follows elected Labour Governments. Lots of money is spent on noble and worthwhile public services and inevitably, without any exeption, Labour leave Office leaving the Conservatives to sort out our debt mountain.
    This of course isn’t the way that the ‘anarchist’ likes to view history and political events but truthfully, Labour allways leave Office having left us in debt. The Tories allways follow, they clear up our desperate financial predicament, we all then hate the Tories for the social damage they have caused us and then we vote Labour back in. It’s allways been this way and Im guessing it will continue to be that way.
    Back in the sixties and the seventies our Country was recovering from World War 2 and struggling to not only repay our huge financial debt to the States, but get our Industry going again. During the premiership of Jim Callaghan, Labour had run up huge debts, the IMF were more or less running the Country, everyone and his dog was on strike for this, that and anything else you care to think of and we were in a wretched mess.

  2. Sorry…..I pressed the submit button by mistake…. Anyway, once again, because of the debt Labour created, we got the Tories and Maggie Thatcher. Her successes were, she and her Government repaid our national debt to the USA, she got our economy back on track, the IMF were off our backs and because of the Falklands war we were proud to be British again. Once more our Industry began to move forward, strikes were less prevalent and less damaging to our economy and working class people began to harvest the benefits of her vision for our Country.
    But, then the rot set in……..her approach to the NUM was hugely damaging. The ‘strike’ destroyed communities across our Country, the Police became the enemy to many mining communities, jobs were lost, the Miners were crushed and its this destruction that she will never be forgiven for.
    That said, she was the leader that we needed during this period in our history and as unpopular as this view is, from many who had no experience of those bad and sad times, she did do many good things and far to many bad things that affected our nation in the most profound way. I guess this is why she is such a controversial public figure.

    • Sorry this is a slightly oversimplified explanation of UK politics. Margaret Thatcher didn’t pay off our debt to the USA, in fact the UK debt had been steadily decreasing since the WW2 regardless of Government. This was achieved by the hard work of the British working class and, to some degree, middle class people. Debt levels only began to rise again as a percentage of GDP under John Major (a Conservative BTW), and this is primarily because it was then understood that high debt levels in the UK are necessary for the US to effect proper control of the nations political, social and economic activity. ‘Anarchists’ that I speak to view both the Labour Party and the Tories with almost equal abhorence, as both represent an inherently, heirarchical structure. ‘Anarchists’ as the name implies (Greek An=No Archos=King) strive to live without such structures and many consider it their work to change or destroy unfair, undemocratic, top heavy structures wherever they are to be found. As for her being the ‘Leader we needed during this period’ I would have to say no, we didn’t need her ‘No such thing as society’ school of thinking or her mindless subservience to (Denis Thatcher’s neo-con) corporate interests in fact we didn’t need hers or anyone else’s leadership. What the British working class people needed was a fair slice of the pie, of course with Thatcher’s destruction of the NUM, the Unions were effectively neutered and the ‘Greed is Good’ culture really took hold…

  3. Hello Jo, You’ve seen through me. Yes, my summary of what happened to our Nations economy is an over simplified version of what our economic fate was during and after the Callaghan years. But, the facts are that Callaghan’s spending splurge, the agenda of the Marxist driven Unions and the endless domestic strikes that brought us to our knees and the three day working week, it delivered us into the pockets of the IMF and ,we were, for the most part, a bankrupt Country. Its this reckless governance that delivered us Margaret Thatcher.
    As for my claim that Thatcher paid off our National debt to the Americans, I didn’t mean that Margaret Thatcher pulled the money out from her own funds. She simply pulled the levers of power that allowed our economy to flourish instead of being weighed down under the yolk of old and worn our Socialist economic doctrine.
    I’m no anarchist Jo. Half of what you’ve said, I simply don’t understand. That’s not me being rude or dismissive to your views Jo. Its simply the generation I belong to where I believe one has to be pragmatic when it comes to expectations that these bloody politicians can or will deliver anything of good to the people.
    As for my claim that back then we needed the cold, single minded and ruthlessly driven conviction of Thatcher, I will have to disagree with you. They were extraordinary times that required a near on despotic form of leadership to get us out of the unholy rat excrement that Labour had got us into and that’s why I acknowledge her service to our Country.
    Where I do agree with you is the era of Harry Enfield’s character, Loadsamoney and Gordon Gecko’s mantra Greed is Good. During the very early 80’s, sometime before the Miners Strike, the Police were awarded two huge pay rises and were quickly equipped and trained to fight fellow citizens in riots. This political move not only distanced the Police from the communities they had once served, it also elevated them above Doctors and Teachers in the wage rush which, subsequently, made the Police greedy and hungry for more money.
    These wage rises quickly got a response from the other public services such as the Firebrigade, the Nurses and Council Workers who also wanted more money. As a direct result of that single decision to make the Police highly paid to fight the miners, we are now where we are with our self serving, fat and bloated public sector employees who’s rise in high wages can be traced back to that particular Conservative decision.
    Some say, Thatcher did good by allowing working class people the chance to purchase their own home. Others say, by selling off the Council houses she destroyed social housing. Take for example the Cold War. Whether anyone likes it or not, she played a great part in nurturing a close working relationship between the former USSR and the USA. The Berlin wall fell, communism collapsed and millions of people from behind the old Iron Curtain see Thatcher as a great leader. Some local indigenous people see current East European migrant levels as hugely to high, to rapidly thrust upon them and highly unsustainable and economic madness.
    Its how you look at this controversial historical character Jo. She attracts polarised opinions on just about anything and everything.
    My very warmest regards to you Jo,

  4. The accolade for the best post-Thatcher quote must go to dear old Ken Loach: “They should’ve put the arrangements for next week’s funeral out to tender; then given the job to the lowest bidder. She’d have approved of that!”.

    Incidentally, if you get a chance, try to catch his brilliant ‘Spirit of 45’. Loach says nobody will put it on release, but he’s hopeful it will get a screening on C4. After Monday’s news they ought to broadcast it all day long next Wednesday!

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