RIP-OFF PARKING: ESG charges revealed

HMP Old MarketAs the big day draws near for Hereford’s new HMP Old Market shopping centre, on-site parking charges have been revealed and look safe to deter any would-be shoppers.

One hour will cost £1.20, while visitors can expect to pay a whopping £10.50 for a stay of over six hours!

The charges have been near-universally slammed on social media, with many people saying they would continue to drive to other cities where the choice of shops is bigger and better.

Most Herefordians will clearly avoid the car park in favour of other free or cheaper locations nearby but for those visiting from other towns and cities, or people with mobility issues, this ridiculous pricing may discourage them from ever returning.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to cast off their image as an over-priced, hoity-toity supermarket, Waitrose ran a series of ads this week in both the Hereford Journal and Hereford Times promoting their basics range and price-matched branded products (as well as one frankly bizarre ad that claimed beef cows love Waitrose just as much as their customers do, which we’re guessing can’t be a lot since the cows end up strung up, throats slit and hacked to pieces on a butcher’s block. But that’s another story). Quite how long it will be, however, before Waitrose realise that their over-priced focaccia-kamalata-olive-wankfest doesn’t quite fit in Hereford is anyone’s guess (or perhaps all the Hooray Henrys ‘escaping to the countryside’ will just about keep it afloat).

Still, they’ve done the old Newmarket pub up a treat.

28 thoughts on “RIP-OFF PARKING: ESG charges revealed

  1. Elephant & white spring to mind-Would have thought Heckler would be in favour of high parking charges to discourage cars? The whole scheme is a shambles & money would have been better spent on regenerating the butter Market 7 High Town & building a decent Leisure/Arts centre on the site.

  2. Support small local businesses, boycott this eyesore with rip off car parking charges. All the same old stores too, limiting the customers choice of goods. Give it 2 years and the tumbleweed will be blowing around the place

    • well said and yes you are right. more than half of the shops have been robbed from the city centre and re-located done deceit and lies by ESG Hereford Futures and Herefordshire Council Traitors

  3. I think this person needs to get a grip and visit other cities to sample their car parking costs. Hereford needs new job opportunities for its residents. These parking prices are standard throughout the country. Stop being so bloody miserable.

  4. I for one hope this goes tits up they have held us hostage over giving them the site for free it cost us another £9.million pounds to build an alternative cattle market which brings us very little revenue in return. They hijacked the existing stores out of the city when they said they would not So for me as soon as it goes tits up I will piss myself. Oh and just another thing how are we all going to sit in traffic jams for hours on end the potential shoppers will soon get tired of this and go else where trust me. and the City Centre will be left like a ghost town full of empty shops like it is now. sad days ahead

  5. Guessing you lot don’t like change? Have any of you actually gone further than worcester before??? Give it a chance and let it bring jobs for people who need them. If you don’t like it move simple

  6. To be fair, who in their right mind would go to Hereford any way. The place is Cr~p. shops poor, traffic rubbish and parking, well.
    If you need anything useful Cardiff is the place to go. Worcester is better than Hereford and dare I say it. Gloucester has more to offer. even Herefords catherdral is rubbish!

  7. Merry hill is free parking. 50p less a day to shop in probably the UK’s premium shopping centre (Westfield London). Think there needs to be a rethink on the parking. Don’t even start me in the empty shops in town and traffic. Disaster.

  8. This will bring no more jobs to the city. Retail businesses do not produce wealth. Hereford’s spend will not rise. The money will be spread much more thinly and some businesses will fail. Those are facts. The businesses that fail will produce jobseekers. It’s a matter of displacement. Just a badly conceived idea from the start from which Herefordshire Council will not learn. I would be interested to see what the independent Deloitte report had to say on the matter.

  9. Ok so: It is going to be impossible to drive around Hereford on a Saturday that’s for sure, the car parks charges are seriously laughable, damage will certainly be done to an already ailing high town, arguable the money might have been better spent/the space might have been better utilized, ALLOT of money has been plowed into it.

    BUT it has created allot of jobs for local people, many of whom have been unemployed for a long time in a city where few opportunity’s exist. I myself have always struggled to get a job when I have been looking, it always seemed that unless I knew somebody I had no chance. Thanks to this new development I have a job and it is likely that I will spend most of the money I will earn in Hereford, as will most of the people who will be working there.

    I am not saying that its perfect, but there are patent benefits that are difficult to ignore, particularly if you TRULY prioritize local people trying to get by.

  10. We can’t live in the’s time to try something different and I am really looking forward to it opening.I will still go into town as much as ever and will park wherever is the cheapest at the time .I think that this will be successful and look forward to seeing it up and running around Christmas….so there !!!!

  11. Yocal fools! I do hope you negative small minded fools do stay away! More spaces for people who live in the real world! Travel the 30-50 miles and pay more to park in Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham.

  12. I however have relocated back to Hereford aswel as a few other people i know. i think for my age generation (21) this new development will actually lift hereford attracting more people to the town. Aswel as offering New jobs, shops and restaurants. Times have changed and Yes people want NEW i mean look at the cinema nobody uses the old odeon anymore its cr#p. Give it a chance yes parking will be an issue and traffics bad but wait and see what happens…

  13. I had a day in cheltenham yesterday and parked in one of the city centre multistory car parks. Was there for just over 6 hours so fell into the 4-6 Hr bracket which cost me £9. It’s been similar at other city centre shopping centres. Cribs causeway and merry hill are both out of town centres so things are different. I am glad i’m only 15 min wall away though.

  14. Went to Nottingham yesterday, not for shopping but for the World Day for Animals in Labs Rally, point is we marched around the city centre, the diversity of shops and cafe’s is immense, all the big high street names, independent stores, designer label shops amazing vintage shops, the list goes on, we paid £9.20 for a days parking but it would take all day to get around the shops. Hereford needs this to work and I hope it does, but there simply isn’t enough to bring shoppers here for the day!!! If shopping is your thing then you’re going to go somewhere with a lot more choice!!! Day rtn to B’ham under £15……

  15. Wake up yokels of hereford this place will wake up the city up, it will create jobs and wealth, more jobs equal wealth. This city desperately needs something new not just for locals stuck in their ways but for visitors, what will it mean for tourism etc. more shops will be filled in the city centre when more people visit hereford, you will all be eating your words, if parking is too much bloody walk! Hereford has always been more expensive to park. I have lived in hereford for 14 years and although I love the place, some of you old yokels don’t like change whatever it may be……

  16. I don’t know why everyone is complaining Hereford are lucky to even get this.. And that’s coming from a 14 year old…

  17. From A City I once loved to an on going joke. Hereford is best summed up by a conversation we overheard in Inverness last summer, which went along the lines of. It is the worst place we have ever been to. Extortionate and terrible parking, No bypass, terrible signage, no variation of shops and if you are just passing through be warned it could take you two hours. After fourty years to our family the lure of Hereford has become a joke. We now jump on the train to Shrewsbury ( ten minute drive ) and return for A saving of about £10 and we are a two minute walk from the shops when we get there.

  18. Please, the main of you, have some faith and belief in Hereford and the shire! Yes they could have a one hour free parking system on the front of the site but the price is the same as the other car parks. We ‘yocals’ that have lived here all of our life in the main will look forward to the opening – and most towns are struggling with empty shops, it is something to do with the recession! We already have a new shop in the Farmers Club so that is a start surely! Oh and I would like to thank all the construction workers for their hard work after all that wet weather we had – what a battle!!

  19. I do not live in Hereford but I do visit there on occasion. Nice to see the town has progressed and look forward to the new shops and cinema. Embracing change is difficult. I can only imagine how hard it must have been on the locals when they outlawed incest and buggery

  20. This development is a disgrace. It looks like a prison, does nothing for the aesthetic value of the city and now making it improbable that it will achieve it’s potential because of this stupidity on parking charges. Even the cinema is second rate compared to what is available in say Worcester. When are the Councul going to stop messing up my City??

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