Resist 26 open letter to all radical activist organisations and unions

With just over a week to go until the March 26th day of action against the Government and their austerity measures, Resist 26 have published an open letter to all radical organisations and unions in the country outlining their plans for the day. We’ve reproduced it here  in support-

“This is a call to action to back our collective plan to occupy key areas around London to establish Dual Power to reclaim and establish alternative infrastructure and services for our communities.

If you agree with our statement please add your groups name to this letter and publish on your website or post it online.

We, unlike the TUC, understand that there are many struggles taking place in the UK and Internationally, to make the assumption that we should all use this opportunity for a march and rally alone is simply underestimating the anger in our hearts.

Therefore we propose that we endorse a diversity of tactics and respect the actions taking place on the day in response to the violence being dished out in our communities by the state, banks and corporations in this country.

We will:

  • Take back and occupy key locations in London.
  • Use occupied spaces to establish autonomous services, hospitals, homeless shelters, job centres, meals on wheels and various other important institutions we need!
  • Create zones of mutual aid free from corporate and state rule to show people that, not only is it possible, but it is the right thing to do for our communities after the 26th.
  • Party!

We will not abide:

  • Not having our voices heard because we march with other groups which will feed into the main march.*
  • Being told that we will be “dealt with” for taking part in actions, by ANYONE, police, stewards or security. *
  • Allowing the 26th to happen without incident.
  • Ed Miliband

* as stated by the TUC.

This is our day and while London has been stolen by the politicians, CEOs and bankers we are here to take it back from them.

See you on the streets! Solidarity with all of you, one struggle, one fight!”

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