REPORT: Hereford Lloyds TSB Bank Protest

Hereford Solidarity League activists targeted the city branch of Lloyds TSB today (15th Jan),  in a sit-in protest against government spending cuts and excessive bankers’ bonuses.

Protesters handed out leaflets and held placards reading ‘fight the cuts’ and ‘make the banks pay’. The protest, which was peaceful and good-natured, received overwhelming support from members of the public. Managers at Lloyds TSB also took the decision to close early, before the demonstrators agreed to leave just after two o’clock.

The five biggest banks will make profits of £52 billion this year–£1 billion a week. This month has also seen bankers award themselves £multi-million bonuses. All of this whilst the rest of us are having to tighten our belts and vital services are being slashed by the ConDem government because of a crisis that the bankers caused!

This is simply unfair and we will continue to increase the preasure on the government and banks. We will not pay for their crisis!

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