‘Renters pay the most to live in the worst conditions – we’re going to change that’

ACORN protest peopleCommunity organising network ACORN have announced #RentersRising, a campaign to build a new national renters’ union to fight for better housing conditions.

Since being founded in 2014, more than 20,000 people have joined ACORN to fight for tenants’ rights and housing justice.

In Bristol, Newcastle and elsewhere they have stopped evictions, prevented homelessness, won repairs, won landlord licensing and put tenants’ voices at the heart of local housing policy.

And because of the efforts of housing campaigners the government has now pledged to ban letting agents fees charged to tenants!

Rents and fees are rising. Evictions are rising. Complaints about unhealthy homes are rising. Homelessness is rising. Now the fightback has began.

Eleven million people now rent, including three million children – twice as many as a decade ago.

Renters pay the most to live in the worst conditions with the least security. Thousands are forced to move each year. And many people find it impossible to find a new home. Now #RentersRising is going to change all that.

Renters need a union. To be able to defend tenants’ rights and make them stronger. To be able to win secure, decent and affordable homes for all.

The #RentersRising campaign are looking for volunteers in Hereford and across the country to help build the union. Get in touch with them via their website for more information on getting involved.


3 thoughts on “‘Renters pay the most to live in the worst conditions – we’re going to change that’

  1. We all know that housing has become, a exploitative field, in which landlords are making far to much money, out of people who can’t afford it. There is a definite need for solidarity on this issue. Far to long have renters been exploited! Not just by rental agencies but also private landlords, who use lies to keep deposits from tenants. Owning your own home is one thing, owning another to make money from people is another! We have a housing crisis, Homelessness has doubled under the Conservative’s and there really is no way back, until we can stop this sort of practice. No more second homes, with out proper taxation!

  2. I have worked in homeless and mental health for years.
    Id really appreciate updates on your activities..are their Acorns active in Wales?

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