Remember 9/11

Today is the 40th anniversary of one of the most appalling acts of state terrorism the modern world has seem.

On September 11th 1973 the fascist General Pinochet and his allies crushed the government of Chile and installed a military dictatorship. For the next 17 years he oversaw a brutal form of capitalism that saw thousands dead, disappeared, tortured or imprisoned and millions more plunging into poverty.

Waiting for justice

All this was carried out with support from the the United States government and the CIA.

The people of Chile are still suffering from the economic policies of the Pinochet regime and are still waiting for justice. Pinochet is long gone but many people with blood on their hands still walk the streets of Washington and Santiago.

What happened in Chile isn’t unique. People the world over have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of governments who care more about profits and resources than people.

 So while Chillian President Sebastian Pinera calls for national reconciliation we at the Heckler send our solidarity to the ordinary people who are rioting in the streets today calling for justice.

 No Justice No Peace


2 thoughts on “Remember 9/11

  1. I lived in Chile and know that British security officers were also involved, certainly around the national football stadium which was used as a prison camp. The Yanks supported a large enclave of former Nazi soldiers wanted for various war crimes and who had set up a large colony in the south of the country. I had a girl friend who I lost contact with but believe she would have died in prison as her brother was a left wing police detective. They hated the Left and Democracy, then as now!

    There are many other countries like Chile, but still it goes on, while good men & women stand by and do nothing! Words and petitions are cheap, sometimes more is required.

    • It’s amazing how things in Chile today are still affected by what happened in the 70’s.
      The Chicago Boys fucked up the economy to such an extent that it’ll probably never recover.

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