Recipe: Chocolate orange brownies

Chocolate orange brownies300g cups of self-raising flour

400g cups of Demerara sugar

3 tbsp of cocoa powder

1 tsp of salt

235ml of water

235ml of vegetable oil

1 tsp of orange essence

1 zest of an orange

1 100g bar of 70% diary-free dark chocolate


Set oven to 200C.

Mix your dry ingredients – the flour, sugar, cocoa and salt – together. Add in the oil, bind into a paste and slowly add the water, orange essence and zest. If you don’t have orange essence you can use the juice of the orange and lessen the water added to the mixture. Mix well.

Bash the bar of chocolate into small piece and spoon evenly into your brownie mix. Pour out your mixture into a greaseproof paper-lined backing dish. Pop in the middle of your pre heated over for 15–20 mins. Check it’s ready by gently touching the top of the centre of your brownies. It should be a spongy texture. Once ready leave for 5 mins to cool.

We like to serve ours warm with dairy free ice-cream or a glass of dairy-free milk.

Mmm, bliss.

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