Rats? Sinking ship?

In the past two weeks we’ve heard council chief executive Chris Bull is stepping down; Martin Woodford, chief executive of Wye Valley NHS Trust, is taking early retirement; It’s Our County’s Liz Harvey is resigning as town councillor; Courtyard boss Martyn Green is stepping down; and (talking himself out of a job?) council leader John Jarvis has said he’ll resign if homes are ever built on the racecourse.

Does someone know something we don’t?

6 thoughts on “Rats? Sinking ship?

  1. Yeah, that Herefordshire is to become the retirement capital of the Midlands with IOC as the care home supervisors so that when people come to visit (if they do) it will be like stepping back in time to the “gold old days” of the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s where the only industry is farming and nobody traveled further than 10 miles from where they were born (unless of course you are one of these final salary pension people who can buy up all the newly created housing,estates)

  2. What difference does it make if it’s IOC, Torys, Lib, Lab, Green or the nut jobs of UKIP/BNP, they are all in it for them selves. They can blame who they want, immigrants, unemployed, gypsys, muslims, most people are waking up to the fact that ALL politicans are wankers. I hope they all resign and let the rest of us get on with our lives.

  3. Liz Harvey stepped down as a Ledbury Town councilor after members of the public asked all the town councilors to resign. An election was due with plenty of interested candidates and as none of the present group of councilors had been democratically elected by the parishioners, it was hoped they would all stand down and then put themselves up for re-election. Liz was the only councilor to do this – it appears the rest of them were content with their co-option and did not have the guts to face the electorate. Liz easily topped the poll in the subsequent election. So you are correct, Keith – someone does, of course, know more than you.

  4. Quite funny Mr Eagers reply, one person asked for the whole council to resign and most of us realise that Liz Harvey only did it for a publicity stunt, just as she did when “temporally” stepping down from her position as the chair for the Town Plan Steering Committe, add to that the gutter PR published on the supposed un-biased Ledbury Portal and it all adds up to a budding quango all ready to impose their views on everyone else.
    Fair play to Liz she got re-elected by quite some margin, but there again having a healthy stocked mailing list from the Sainsbury’s campaign probably helped a bit.

  5. Politics in Ledbury stinks.

    Some time ago we at the Heckler were contacted by the IOC claiming they had evidence that the new Voice of Ledbury group was a cover for the far right! We received no evidence to support this or any other communication from them. I would tread very carefully where politicans are involved.

    I’m not sure about the critisism of the Ledbury Portal, i’ve always found it quite impartial.
    At least Mr Eager doesn’t hide his identity unlike Mr ……..!!!

  6. I hide behind this simply due to the fact I have faced abuse from other areas.

    I’d suggest you go to the portal and read the posts from a Mr Hadley & the one from cllr Harvey, how a county & town councillor can call a member of the public a liar without even the slighest evidence really is beyond me. I also saw the letter that prompted cllr Harvey’s response and to be honest I cannot see anywhere in it that anyone could have any right to call the author a liar.

    I can’t comment directly on the Voice of Ledbury group, but having read their FB page I can’t see how anyone could say they are far right .. but any PR no matter how stupid is good PR I suppose. It a shame certain elements within the Town Plan Steering Committee are making their priority to alienate a growing number of people from taking part in the Town Plan .. Sounds like they have an agenda they don’t want questioned.

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