Local plod wake up to racist graffiti

Local police have finally decided it’s time to start taking racist graffiti seriously.

No doubt following a kick up the arse from elsewhere, West Mercia Police are now offering a £1,000 reward for information on the graffiti that has appeared on road signs around the county – including swastikas and the hilarious ‘welcome to Poland’.

Back in August last year however the police decided there was no racist motive and put it down to ‘pranksters’. Oh, hahaha. Yes, how our sides ached!

“When hate slogans appear and stay in place for a long time it gives the impression that nobody in the area cares. This makes racists feel more confident and foreigners more isolated,” said the Three Counties Anti-Fascists blog, reporting on the incident last year. And we agree.

What is undeniable is that when an area like Herefordshire receives a dramatic increase of immigrants locals become concerned that the newcomers will be given unfair access to social housing and jobs. On the whole this is not true, and when it is it’s unscrupulous landlords and bosses that are the problem and not the immigrants. Nonetheless these concerns should be taken seriously.

But what should not be given any time at all are racists who simply don’t like anyone from another country. These people are ignorant scum who enjoy nothing more than stirring up tensions between underprivilaged locals and vulnerable foreigners.

When the government makes cuts to housing and education, and when our bosses ignore calls for pay rises, like cowards these faecal-brained idiots turn on the immigrants and blame them instead.

Racism has no place in Herefordshire or the world beyond. Like the people who perpetrate it, it must be stamped out.

5 thoughts on “Local plod wake up to racist graffiti

  1. I’ve got no confidence in any of our leaders understanding this very common social issue let alone coming up with ideas that might promote a strong and contented community social cohesion programme for all of our Hereford citizens.
    They have no imagination. They’ll gather in High Town, hold some shiney, happy, clappy slogan up and get photographed and then clear off not giving this increasing problem a backward bloody glance.
    It’ll take more than gimmicks, a grand to grass someone up and a bloody sign to sort this out. We need people of imagination and we need to put in place things that bring people together to talk.
    Yep. Bloody dialogue. Talking. Communicating our very different thoughts to oneanother so that we can better understand ourselves and oneanother.
    It ain’t expensive to begin this process. Football, Sport, a bloody egg and spoon race, Music, Politics and sat in a pub, as I do to often, chatting away as you slowly get pissed before the long walk home, howling at the moon clutching your dripping mixed kebab.
    When Im in the pub I sit there talking to the Polish, the Latvians, Lithuanians, the Russians, Bulgarians, Romanians and a host of other migrant visitors and you learn things. Yeah. When you talk you discover things. I’ve discovered our sense of humour ain’t so different. I’ve found that many minority groups are suspicious of oneanother simply because of World War 2 , the Cold War and Communism. In short, some of our migrants dont like each other and many don’t like the Poles because they are flourishing and prospering.
    We need to reach out to oneanother and start mixing and talking and when that happens things will get better and our society will heal up and we will all be the better for it.
    This bloody immigration conundrum ain’t my fault, your fault or the fault of our East European friends but we are the ones who’ve been tasked to sort this out and we can only do this through dialogue.

  2. I was given to understand that I’d fit in well here. I’ve got thick skin, not easily offended and my starting point whenever I debate anything is, Im bloody thick and Im probably wrong about anything and everything.
    What do I find when I haul up here, drawing back deeply on my hand rolled cigarette, moaning about this, bloody that and the other?
    Nothing! Not a peep. Not a word about a single thing.
    Say something even if its, ‘get stuffed’. If someone don’t respond and put a shift in Im bloody off to moan and groan elsewhere.

  3. Sally, Thats my girl. My very warmest regards to you. I’ll take your good advice and clear off. Take care kiddo and thanks for the boost to my fragile ego.

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