Protest Against The Cuts

The coming few weeks will see two major protests against the cuts; one at the Lib Dem conference this weekend in Birmingham, and the other at the Tory Party conference in Manchester between the 2nd-5th October.

On Sunday 18th September (this weekend coming), the trade union demonstration will assemble at 11am on Granville Street. 

On Sunday 2nd October there will be a march and rally in Manchester. The TUC-backed rally will assemble at12 noon on  Liverpool Street. There have been calls from other groups for more diverse tactics. The ‘Occupy Manchester’ blog, which brings together a coalition of local groups, is calling for an occupation of Albert Squareand the creation of a ‘assembly of protest on the doorstep of the Tory Conference.’

Join us in protest against the Tories & Lib Dems. Oppose the cuts to our pensions, jobs and services. We won’t pay for their crisis.  

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