Councillor belittles locals in ‘moaning’ jibe

Caribbean LunchA new Facebook page has been set up to promote inspiring stories and local good work in a bid to counter the “constant negativity” its founder feels is becoming widespread in the city.

The page, Positive Hereford, was created by Cllr Nick Nenadich (pictured left) earlier this month for “people who are fed up with moaning and groaning”.

There is certainly a lot negativity in the county and a bit of positive news is definitely needed.

Nick is not the first councillor to comment on this problem. In his resignation statement last month, Russell B Hamilton alluded to this cynicism as a reason for his departure.

Cllr Chris Chappell also posted on our own Facebook page in retaliation to local people who are constantly critical and mistrustful of Herefordshire Council. “All I am saying is be more positive about Herefordshire, because those who know about local government outside the county are laughing at us being so negative,” he said.

It depends on the exact level of your cynicism, however, whether you believe these councillors have genuine intentions of promoting what’s good about Herefordshire at heart or whether they, and their fellow councillors, just can’t deal with the pressure coming from members of the public who are angry over one diabolical action from the council after another.

We welcome the Positive Hereford page but Cllr Nick Nenadich (and his colleagues) would do a lot more to restore the reputation of the council if he listened to local people and took them seriously.

Labelling people’s legitimate concerns with the council as “moaning and groaning” is belittling and disrespectful and not the right attitude.

3 thoughts on “Councillor belittles locals in ‘moaning’ jibe

  1. To me this site represents collectively the most balanced democratic views of our little county
    Right left middle positive negative without employing smoke and mirrors or dressing up
    The world I’m afraid is a pretty messy place and there are some who would quite happily
    Sweep all under the carpet…good on you Nick…for your efforts…but let’s not forget the real
    Issues that effect us all…get those sorted or discussed and not disguised… The positive things
    Will naturally happen…and whoever you are Keith..keep doing the good work…really solid …
    The written conscience of many

  2. I thought as hereford positive is asking for contributors to their photo blog I’d list some random thoughts as per usual

    Hi pop pickers these are the charts for Herefords best photo views

    Trad chart
    In at no 5…duck pond featuring empty Newcastle Brown bottle
    Re entry at 4..Victoria bridge north aspect…with abandoned super market Trolly.. Rock on asda.. Holding at 3… Serenity and piss oh sorry peace of castle green… and in at 2…the old house from the west featuring guest appearance by bully on bongos….nice one bully…and at no 1 for a sensational 756th week cathedral from the south (in summer) remix 2009 featuring the scaffold…

    Super manufactured charts

    a welcome return at 5…Belmont tescos…at 4…down from 1 tescos bewell 3 and looking good sainsburys…at 2 and immovable when all around have dropped out of sight morrisons…and in with a bullet at 1…Asda with all roads lead to…

    Indie chart
    In at 5..but since deleted campions… At 4…. And 3 double A side Churchill gardens and hatton gallery…at 2 …(a special floppy disc pressing) city planning office blueschool street. At number 1 the left bank…(artist unattributed )

  3. There r lots of positive things to say about Hereford. Firstly the people of a Hereford are helpful and friendly. The local doctors and hospital staff are doing a great job under very difficult circumstances – cut back etc. they do there best in a very difficult circumstances. I am always amazed at the level of commitment and genuine care shown to all Hereford people .you only have to se how much the council are doing by looking at all the community care services for the young and old in a Hereford.
    I just love the new lively young shopping centre. – there is a buzz I. A place for all ages … Particularly our young members of the community. I have also seen an improvement on commercial road at drinking time. And the town is generally a lot cleaner than it use to be..
    So thank you Hereford Council for all the hard work each service provider gives. I enjoy coming into Hereford and it’s a pleasant place to live! So let’s stop the moaning , and open your eyes to a great place to live! Money can’t bring happiness , but a caring positive community can ENJOY WHAT WEVE GOT !

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