Pool Activists Out on The Streets

WannabeHerefordshire Council took time out of its busy schedule of making cuts left, right and centre in September to praise two county-based swimmers who gained medals at this year’s Paralympics.

Sascha Kindred and Nyree Lewis took gold and silver medals respectively at the Beijing games, with Kindred setting a new world record in the 100m breaststroke.

Councillor Adrian Blackshaw reeled off some fake words of congratulations for the obligatory press release that are too insincere to take seriously here. “… made Herefordshire proud … shows the county has some world class sporting facilities … blah blah blah …”

Hypocritical Blackshaw was one of the councillors present at the cabinet meeting in July that made the decision to close the LEA pool. What a cheek!

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate Sarah Carr has been doing a good job of hijacking the campaign against the pool closure for her own ends.

During the school holidays Carr lead a hopeless protest outside the empty pool; which itself is down a cul-de-sac well out of public view. But at least she got her photo in the paper!

Beneath all of this Heckler cynicism we believe that the people of Herefordshire can force the council to reopen the LEA pool, but a lot more action will need to be taken to do this.

Thousands of us need to get out on the streets and march like we did in February to oppose the school closures. Council meetings could be disrupted and picketed regularly. Cabinet members can be contacted; give them grief. But sitting back and letting wannabe politicians do it for us is a sure-fire way to losing every time.

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