Pissed off pizza workers want their dough

Papa Johns protestTwo pizza workers have picketed the Worcester branch of Papa John’s this week in protest at their ex-employer’s failure to pay the minimum wage.

Steven Wood and Chris Marsh were illegally paid £5.00 an hour during their time at the pizza takeaway chain, with their sleazy boss claiming the additional £1.31 that would make up the minimum wage was held back for tax and national insurance.

The two are now fighting for their unpaid wages, with Steven Wood demanding £209 and £840 owed to Chris Marsh.

Steven, a former delivery driver, said: “We want backdated wages for every hour he hasn’t been paying us the minimum wage. But there is no way he can get away with offering me the money back without offering it to other members of staff.

“I am fighting for those people who haven’t got their money back. I am fighting for every other member of staff that has ever worked for Papa John’s. If they are prepared to give me my money back they have to pay everybody else’s money back.”

Their case is reminiscent of many similar fights taken on in America by the Seattle Solidarity Network.

Just last month SeaSol scored another victory when restaurant managers paid up $2,261.30 to an employee that had been underpaid.

As with other fights, SeaSol repeatedly picketed the restaurant—with intentions to put them out of business if necessary—turning many customers away until they got what they wanted: their member’s unpaid wages.

We support Steven and Chris whole-heartedly and wish them the best of luck.

You can get in touch with the Worcester branch of Papa John’s by calling 01905 422221 or, alternatively, you can order their pizzas online here.

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