Oppose the EDL in Worcester

EDL-Birmingham-July-2013-2UPDATE: Since this article was published, the English Defence League have postponed their Worcester march because “the events with the weather have left the city reeling. It is also possible that the bad weather may return before the event was due to take place.”

The far-right English Defence League will be holding a national demonstration in Worcester next month as part of their long-running ‘campaign against Islamism’ (AKA one big booze-up).

Their choice of Worcester appears to be random, with no real focus to the event other than the usual bit of exercise for the rotund, middle-aged undesirables these protests attract.

Three Counties Anti-Fascist Alliance is calling for people from across the region to oppose the EDL. It’s a call that the Hereford Heckler whole-heartedly support—fascism is best managed when it’s nipped in the bud.

The EDL are yet to announce firm details for the day beyond a date of Saturday 22 March.

Oppose the EDL: Saturday 22 March, Worcester. Check www.3cafa.wordpress.com and Hereford Heckler on Facebook for updates

One thought on “Oppose the EDL in Worcester

  1. Fundamental extremist Islamist’s and the EDL have so much in common, based on similar pseudo evidence, and they could share ideologies if they only met for tea and cakes in between the blood letting more often.

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