Olympic shite!

So it’s 99 days till the London olympics and I really cant wait, and I mean REALLY CAN’T WAIT til this steaming pile of shit is over. I wish I could say I don’t care about the olympics, but unfortunately I do. How could you not have an opinion when we are receiving a constant diarrhetic flow of hype from every media source.

It was easy when I was young and naïve. I thought it was great seeing Fatima Whitbread or Daly Thomson doing their stuff. I wasn’t aware of the insidious corporate advertising beaming onto my retinas. I didn’t understand the flag waving nationalist undertones to international sport. I certainly didn’t understand what sweatshop labour had to do with sports clothing manufacturers.

But now I’m older, wiser and a fuck load more angry and the olympics pisses me off. It’s not the individuals who take part that bother me. Every sportswoman and man wants to compete at the top of their sport, and good luck to them. But they are being exploited in a different way to the Bangladeshi garment workers making shit sportswear for Nike and Adidas. The exploitation of the olympics participants lays in being used by corporate scumbags to advertise their companies.

How can the games “embody the highest ideals of our common humanity: fair play decency and a respect for all” when the manufacturer of napalm and agent orange, Dow Chemicals, is a sponsor? Where is the humanity when Rio “shit on indigenous people” Tinto Zinc are involved. I could list all the low lives giving the IOC money but I cant be arsed. Why give them the time?

And what about this whole olympic legacy crap? Billions have been spent gentrifying parts of London, and by gentrifying I mean the reduction of access to housing for people in those areas, environmental destruction, increased surveillance and a decline in community facilities. The only lasting legacy is for those rich knobs who can afford to live the renovated areas. We in Hereford wont see any benefit from it that’s for sure.

We better hope that the combined flag waving vomit-fest of jubilee and olympics does the job. Because if people aren’t made to forget what a shit state this country is in CameronCleggMilliband might have to go for a little military op in the Falklands or Iran.

Oh and while i’m at it, Seb Coe is a dick!


4 thoughts on “Olympic shite!

  1. It would be nice to get a list of all those companies with their histories. For instance:
    Cadbury’s – Began by a Quaker to give better work conditions and housing. Now owned by a Trans-national corporation (Kraft) which shuts the Keynsham factory.
    Would be nice just to see how lovely and ethical the companies being used are and also how they will help the British culture/economy.
    I must say its not all bad news, they didn’t pick Nestle at least!

  2. I’m sure the sheeple can’t wait to see those perfectly honed athletes wearing their sweatshop produced garments, beat their rivals by a nano second. Oh the thrill. It positively takes your mind off all those austerity measures and fuel prices.
    Football, the jubilee of that treasonous bitch HM and the olympics – what a wonderful distraction for the masses whilst they progress with their sinister end game.
    One has to wonder why that huge digital olympic clock was important enough that they thought around 20 plod were needed to guard it!

    Seb Coe is indeed a dick – a zionist dick!

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