No Tesco in Hinton!

Tesco are currently in talks with the owners of the Game Cock in a bid to turn the pub into a mini supermarket.

Just a couple of minutes walk from the Game Cock there are two convenience stores selling everyday essentials for people who don’t fancy the short journey to Asda or the other Tesco at Belmont. Have the people of Hinton and Putson even been asked whether they’d like a supermarket in their neighbourhood? No. For Tesco it’s not about providing a much-needed service, because another supermarket is not needed. It’s about total domination and crushing all other opposition.

Tesco already has a mass of supermarkets dominating the food market, they’ve got a mail order catalogue, homestores, an insurance arm … Tesco are even now making films! How long before they’re running our schools or hospitals (the faster you get better the more clubcard points you get maybe)?

Opposing their plans to build another supermarket is not just about common sense, it’s about saving a vital community facility. Whilst the Game Cock may need a bit of work to bring it into the 21st century, once it’s turned into a supermarket, there’s no going back. Local pubs are essential places for building up community spirit, something that is sadly lacking these days. Where else can you sit down over a drink and get to know your neighbours? Not rushing round the aisles, that’s for sure. No Tesco in Hinton!

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