Next is off. Meh.

So Next, TK Maxx and H&M are planning to move out of the city centre and onto the ESG shopping complex. As you would expect, a lot of hot internet air is flying over this (and probably even some real life hot air too! Oudafortit!). But does it really even matter?

The shop floor staff will most likely keep their jobs and in fact, if bigger sites are secured, more jobs will be created—a bonus for working class people then. At the very least shop employees will be largely unaffected by the possible moves.

As for the claims that High Town will become a ‘ghost town’ if more shops are allowed to move out … well, we’re sure something will fill their gaps. It is likely that with the lack of demand for city centre premises rents will be dropped and become affordable for local businesses to operate in once again.

It seems that some sections of the local population (maybe once including us) moan that the city centre has become a ‘clone town’ taken over by chain stores but then moan again when those same businesses decide to fuck off.

So which one do we want, a High Town affordable to local businesses or one where only multinationals can afford to operate?

Or maybe that’s something for middle class businessmen and women to worry about, because news like this doesn’t really affect the little people like us does it.

2 thoughts on “Next is off. Meh.

  1. No need to worry folks, the ESG will never happen, the site has been empty for two years every week the council say work is starting but it never does, the ESG will be like the ring road, still under discussion in 30 years.

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