New radical bookshop opens in Bristol

Hydra Books, a new radical bookshop, coffee shop and meeting space was opened in Bristol, on Saturday.

Events were held over the weekend to kick off the opening, including a talk by veteran anarchist, Ian Boneon Saturday.

“As well as selling some of the best coffee and cake in the city, we stock ‘radical‘ literature on a wide range of issues; politics, history, feminism, animal rights, environmentalism that it may be difficult to track down in the usual high-street bookshops (if you can find one!) The bookshop provides an outlet for independent non commercial publishers and authors to make their books and ideas accessible to the wider community. Run by local people as a workers co-operative, the shop grew out of Bristol Radical History Group and similar networks across the city. It is a space for exchanging ideas and finding those books.”

You can find the bookshop at:

Hydra Books
34 Old Market,

A list of events can be found on their website here.

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