New Hereford shop an insult to anarchism

Command PostTwo market traders have swapped their Buttermarket stall for a new shop in Commercial Road.

Simon Williams and Mustafa El-Shazly have seen their business grow since it started as an outdoor pitch at various markets and have decided to consolidate their gains by settling in Hereford.

Command Post stocks a variety of army surplus items including ‘vintage’ Russian communist apparel as well as airsoft guns and various drug paraphernalia.

But, latching on to the marketing ploy of edgy rebellion, the shop signage features the anarchist circled A symbol. Their Hereford Journal advert also includes the slogan ‘supplying the revolution’.

Is Command Post actually an anarchist’s arsenal in disguise? Are the airsoft guns they sell intended to shoot the police and military when it all kicks off? Well if their 15% discount for cadets is anything to go by we think not.

Their shameless use of the circled A is at odds with everything anarchism stands for and is an insult to the millions of anarchists that have been harrassed, imprisoned and murdered at the hands of authoritarian regimes down the ages.

Anarchists have always stood against militarism. We have bitterly fought against wars that send one group of working class men and women to massacre another group of working class men and women, all in the name of wealth and land accumulation by the ruling class.

We condemn the statist violence that this shop seeks to make light of and wish to make clear that it is in no way representative of the idea of anarchism. They are simply abusing the circled A symbol to play up a supposed anti-establishment image all in the name of money making.

When anarchists open shops we open bookshops or cafes or social centres. We open free shops or swap shops as a practical example of the future society we want to see.

We don’t open shops that glorify authoritarian violence and murder.

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