New anarchist newspaper for the West Country

September 2012 will see a brand-spanking new eight-sided monthly radical newspaper for the south-west hit the streets – but to be a success, it needs YOU!

The West Country Mutineer will cover local protests, campaigns and events as well as muck-raking, trash-talking, doing all it can to piss off local baddies in the guise of politicians, bosses, lords and ladies and bringing you the best of the unreported news from near and far.

But to make a success of the paper, we need your help! We are asking for volunteers to do two things –

1.        We are asking for volunteers to join our street team, making sure The Mutineer gets to as many people as possible. We need you to put up posters and stickers, hold street stalls flogging or giving away copies, and get The Mutineer stocked in your local pubs, restaurants, sandwich bars, community centres etc. If you are interested, we will post you as many copies as you think you can shift!

2.       We need local reporters! We want to hear what is going on in your corner of the West Country. Whether you live in sleepy Sidmouth or the bustling metropolis of Truro, no news is too small.

If you want to contribute to the first issue, articles need to be emailed in by the 26th August with a maximum word limit of 350. If you have a story, but don’t want to turn it into an article yourself, let us know and we’ll do the leg-work!

We also want to advertise your groups/events/demos, so let us know if you’ve got anything in the works and we’ll do our best to let others know.

The West Country Mutineer is an exciting chance to spread radical ideas far and wide, and make anarchism relevant and accessible to people from our neck of the woods – we’re thinking big, and plan to be distributing thousands of copies a month.

If you are interested in one or both of these roles and want to help spread radical politics across the West Country, drop us an email at

Bristol Indymedia

*We at the Heckler are glad to see another local/regional based independent media and anarchist news sheet get off the ground, and we send our support to the Mutineer. The Heckler crew will no doubt be contributing to this new initiative and we encourage others to do similar. Watch this space.

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