Nappy group urges parents to ditch the disposables

A local group of parents is holding a series of events to promote the use of washable nappies.

The Hereford branch of Worcester Nappy Advisory Service will be taking part in Real Nappy Week from 20th–26th April and will be hoping to convince mums and dads to ditch the disposables.

“We hope to encourage more people to try out modern cloth nappies to see how easy they are to use, how much cheaper they can be and how much better for the environment they are. Cloth nappies are also more gentle on babies with sensitive skin,” Erika from WNAS told us.

WNAS offer demonstrations to the public and one-on-one advice. They also organise a nappy library where parents and carers can loan cloth nappies FREE of charge.

An incredible 8 million nappies are thrown away each day in the UK and they could take 500 years to degrade, so the environmental impact of disposables really can’t be ignored.

But using cloth nappies can also save money. Disposable nappies can cost upwards of £900 per year; using the WNAS nappy library can reduce this cost considerably.

For information on WNAS and Real Nappy Week visit their Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Nappy group urges parents to ditch the disposables

  1. Although this may sound commendable it’s a drop in the ocean to the even greater number of disposables now used with our elderly citizens who by and large produce easily four times as much waste products, if you know what I mean!.
    BTW I hope you don’t think I am taking the piss!

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