Cheating MP offers council financial advice

Herefordshire Council’s cashflow woes have been put before parliament with MP Bill Wiggin saying the authority is “running out of options”.

Wiggin claimed £11,000 for a mortgage that didn’t exist

Moving a Commons adjournment debate on local government finance in Herefordshire, the member for North Herefordshire criticised the council for putting council tax up by just short of the two per cent that would trigger a referendum.

Speaking to the Commons, Mr Wiggin offered his advice: “I have spoken personally with the council leader Mr John Jarvis and suggested to him that a rise in council tax could’ve been avoided if he’d just fiddled the council’s expenses.

“I myself swindled thousands of pounds out of the taxpayer for my mortgage and other assorted household bills. I told Mr Jarvis that I see no reason why he could not do the same thing on a grander scale to secure the jobs and essential services the council provides.

“Yes, Mr Speaker, the law may catch up with him in time but I assured him that my colleague—our prime minister—Mr David Cameron would be happy to go on GMTV and claim it was just an honest mistake.

“Fiddling your expenses is the thing do to.”

Herefordshire and South Herefordshire MP Jesse Norman joined the debate to tell the Commons that he has “a very nice car … and a great big house. And Daddy Torquil has a lot of money; he was a banker, you know.”

The debate turned to whose daddy was the richest and soon all the MPs had forgotten all about the little people again.

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